What to Cook In Electric Skillet? – An Analysis On Electric Skillet

Electric skillets are extremely popular nowadays. We wonder, why?! The reason is that in an electric skillet you can cook any food better than in a normal stove frying pan.

With an electric skillet, you can have versatile options for cooking from breakfast to supper. Now a specific question arises, “What to cook in an electric skillet?”

Worry not! We’ll talk in great detail about the nuts & bolts of an electric skillet. You can even take your electric skillet anywhere as it works with electricity.

However, now we invite you to know everything you need to use an electric skillet. So, let’s dig in! 

What Is An Electric Skillet?

An electric skillet is not much different from an ordinary stovetop frying pan. The difference is, instead of placing it on top, you just plug in an electric skillet to any power outlet.

The skillet heats up with electrical power. They can be in any shape, round or square. You can cook versatile types of food on the electric skillet.

Most electric skillet has a temperature control feature, is dishwasher safe, and has a non-stick surface.

Maximum electric skillets are made of Aluminum and some are made of Stainless Steel. Whatever skillet you buy, don’t forget to check the non-stick coating. 

Types of Electric Skillet

Now, let’s see the varieties of electric skillets on the market-

1. Ceramic Electric Skillet

Ceramic Electric

For being environmentally friendly, the ceramic electric skillet is well-known. These skillets have a non-stick coating, so it prevents food from sticking to the surface.

They’re dishwasher friendly and you can hand wash them. Cook all types of food and enjoy using a ceramic skillet with your family! 

2. Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel electric skillet is the most popular and used among all. Just like the ceramic one, on this skillet, food doesn’t stick to the surface.

For steel, the heat transfers throughout the pan, so it makes it faster and easier to cook. 

3. Electric Frying Pan

Electric Frying

For tight-budget people, electric frying pans are the cheapest purchase. Being made with Aluminum, cooking on this skillet is extremely easy and serves excellent food.

On this skillet, food doesn’t stick to the surface, so cleaning the pan is extremely easy too. 

What Is An Electric Skillet Used For?

On an electric skillet, you can cook different types of food. For being able to keep the temperature in check unlike the stovetop pans, you can cook any type of food.

You can monitor the entire cooking process by this. From pancakes, scrambled eggs, and grilled sandwiches to doughnuts, everything can be cooked in an electric skillet. 

Must-Have Features In An Electric Skillet

Features In An

While purchasing an electric skillet, these are the must-have features you need to check-

  1. Locking Lid: Locking lid works like when you move the skillet in the kitchen or transport the food anywhere, the lid will lock. Plus, it’ll prevent the food from spilling. 
  2. Glass Lid: Glass lids help you to monitor the food without even opening the lid. You can keep a constant eye on the food. 
  3. Non-Stick Coating: A very must-have feature. Check if your skillet has a non-stick coating both inside and outside. When you’ll have a non-stick coating, it’ll be easier for you to clean the skillet as no food will stick to the surface. 
  4. Drainage Spouts: For easy cleanup, drainage spouts are a must. Without making a mess, it allows you to pour any residue or grease while food is cooking. 
  5. High Sides: It prevents burning yourself from the pop-out grease or oil. For safety, this feature is a must. 

How Does An Electric Skillet Work?

Do you know how a hair dryer or electric heater works? Electric skillets work the same way as them. When you plug it with a socket, a high voltage current runs into the resistor.

The resistor resists the flow of electricity and then transfers it into heat. Then the heat flows into the surface of the skillet. This entire process is controlled by the thermostat. 

Why Choose An Electric Skillet?

We’ll point out some specific reasons you should own an electric skillet. Those are-

  1. You can have precise temperature settings in this skillet. 
  2. It can save space and energy. It can save your electricity bills.
  3. With electric skillets, your kitchen can stay cool in summer.
  4. You can keep your food warm for a long time with the “warm” feature.
  5. Where kitchen or gas isn’t available like hostels or dormitories, electric skillets are life-saving there.

How to Use An Electric Skillet?

How to Use

Just follow the 6 steps given below and you’ll understand how to cook in an electric skillet-

  1. First, plug your electric skillet with any power outlet. 
  2. Choose the temperature according to whatever you’re cooking.
  3. If needed, add oil or butter.
  4. Place your food on the preheated skillet and cook it evenly. 
  5. After cooking, turn off the skillet. Unplug from the power outlet. 
  6. Let the skillet cool down before handling it further. 

What to Cook In Electric Skillet?

Now, time for the burning question, what can you cook in an electric skillet?  To answer simply, you can cook varieties of food in the skillet. Let’s see those-

1. Pan-Fried Foods

Pan-Fried Foods

This is the reason most people use electric skillets. You’ll be able to make any pan-fried foods from breakfast to supper on this skillet. From cooking bacon, and scrambled eggs to french toast.

In addition, you can grill steaks, chicken, pork, fish, and tofu. You can also try making pan-fried cookies or brownies. They’re delicious and easy to make. Make sure to preheat the skillet, oil it, and then fry your food. 

2. Sauteed Dishes

Sauteed Dishes

With electric skillets, you can sautee your favorite vegetables and protein within minutes. Just heat the skillet, pour a little bit of oil, and saute your veggies. Later, you can add rice or noodles to the skillet to make it a perfect meal. 

3. Braised Meals

Braised Meals

Braised meals taste like heaven cooked from electric skillets. Combination of cherry tomatoes, ground beef, and spaghetti sauce, topped with sour cream and cheese!

Make mouthwatering braised meals in the skillet! Other than these, here’re some electric skillet recipe meals-

  1. French toast.
  2. Electric skillet lemon chicken. 
  3. Cream cheese wontons.
  4. Upside-down pizza casserole.
  5. Potato & steak toast.
  6. Pork & Red cabbage skillet.
  7. Meatless sausage & Bell-pepper potato hash.
  8. Scrambled Eggs.
  9. Beef sirloin tips with smoky pepper sauce.
  10. Spanish rice with shrimp & chicken. 
  11. Skillet lasagna. 
  12. Lemon butter chicken breast.
  13. Skillet steaks with mushrooms. 

Tips For Using An Electric Skillet

Here’re some tips you must maintain and check while using an electric skillet-

  1. Don’t touch the hot surface of the skillet. 
  2. Let it cool before hand washing it. 
  3. Check if the handles and lids are securely locked for safety.
  4. Unplug the skillet after using it.
  5. Never use a damaged cord for using electric skillets.
  6. Never submerge the cord into the water.
  7. Don’t move the skillet if it has hot grease or oil inside. 

How to Choose an Electric Skillet

How to Choose

Make sure to check on these features before purchasing an electric skillet. Such as-

1. Size and shape

Electric skillets size varies from 10″-16″. You’ll find oval, round, and square-shaped skillets. Choose the size & shape according to what food you’re going to cook! 

2. Temperature Control

Most of the skillets come with high and low-temperature control features. So, you can cook only in high & low temperatures. However, some models have warm temperature control too.

3. Handles & Lid

Check if the handles stay cool after cooking. Some handles can even fold for storing it. Lids are mostly made of glass and they’re durable and sturdy. As lids can get hot, so be careful. 

4. Safety

Make sure that you detach the removable electric cord while washing the skillet or placing the skillet on the table. 


So, that’s all. Now, we hope you have the exact idea about the entire electric skillet and what to cook in an electric skillet.

You can fry, warm, pop popcorn, sautee, or make cookies in an electric skillet. Handle the skillets with care and caution. Thanks for reading!

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