What should you do after using a meat slicer?

Meat slicers are used for cutting, processing, and slicing meat. Therefore, bacteria can overgrow in your meat slicer if you leave it for a while after using it because remnants of flesh that sticks within the slicer grow bacteria in the slicer, which is very harmful to the human body.

So, to prevent the growth of bacteria in your slicer, it is essential to clean the slicer after every use. It would help you keep your slicer healthy and hygienic all the time.

Moreover, along with cleaning, there is also some others maintenance process after using a meat slicer, which we will tell you in the following write-up. 

Sanitizing the Slicer

Prepare a bucket, cut–resistant gloves, a spray bottle, detergent, lint-free microfiber cloth, and liquid sanitizer.

Then add enough water to the bucket and make a detergent solution according to the instructions of the detergent package.

Pour the sanitizer solution into the spray bottle. Then your sanitizer will be ready. Before starting the cleaning, you need to turn off the slicer and unplug the power connection.

Be sure to wear a pair of cut-resistant gloves when cleaning it, and then remove any pieces of meat that stick to the slicer.

Spray the detergent solution on the meat slicer and clean all the surfaces nicely with a microfiber cloth. Air-dry the meat slicer.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning 

The meat slicer should be thoroughly cleaned after every use to prevent foodborne illness because daily cleaning prevents bacteria growth, reducing the risk of foodborne illness from food.

Therefore, deep cleaning is essential. Now we will tell you how to clean a meat slicer.

should you do after using a meat slicer

Step1: To start deep cleaning, you have to set the blade of the meat slicer to zero and unplug it.

Step2: Clean large pieces of food attached with a cloth or towel from the slicer.

Step3: If you have tools to remove other meat slicer parts, use them and carefully separate blades and all parts.

Step4: Put all the parts in a bucket of detergent, mix warm water and wash carefully. If there is any manual for washing the blade, you should clean the blade accordingly.

Step5: Now wipe the parts and let them dry well. Finally, spray a good quality sanitizer, and assemble the meat slicer parts.

Clean Main Unit

Use a small brush to clean parts of the main unit like screws, knobs, receiving trays, seams, control, gasket, and handles.

We often neglect them to clean, but these parts can harbor many bacteria over time. So these parts need to be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and food-grade cleaner.

Also, use the cloth or towel to remove the residue stuck inside the blade and the blade guard. Spray the sanitizing solution on all unit areas and air dry before – assembling.

Reassembled the Slicer

Reassembled the Slicer

After cleaning your meat slicer, you must reattach it. You must do this work carefully. It needs to be reassembled as soon as possible because its sharp blade can cause accidents.

Please keep it in a safe place so that it does not come into contact with dust and sand until you use it again.

After each use of the meat slicer, you need to clean it carefully again using the same method.

Remember that cleaning after using a meat slicer prevents bacteria and affects your family’s health.

Why clean the meat slicer after use?

Restaurants in the United States and neighboring countries have focused on kitchen appliances to prevent foodborne illness.

Meat slicers are one of the major causes of bacterial infections, leading to health problems. Therefore, it is essential to sanitize the meat slicer well after each use.

There is no opportunity to clean the meat slicer in restaurants after every use. But, it is better to clean it quickly and appropriately, considering the health issues.

Safety Tips for Cleaning

Nobody expects any accidents with their meat slicer. So here, I will share some safety tips with you. First of all, it is essential to remember that children should be kept away from meat slicers.

Make sure that only adults will use it. Moreover, meat slicers can be very heavy, but smaller models usually weigh 10 pounds.

So after each use, they must be kept in a place where children cannot hold them in any way. Keep all the blade parts in a particular area, and lock the blade after using the slicer.

So, there is no risk of any further accident. Turn off the power button after use and unplug the unit.

Besides, avoid using a steel woolen cloth or sponge when cleaning. It will create scratches or holes in your slicer and later raise harbor bacteria.

Furthermore, wear cut-resistant gloves when cleaning slicer blades. They will protect your hands. Also, wear food handling gloves when cleaning the rest of the slicer to prevent the spread of germs.

After cleaning the slicer, check whether any part needs lubricant or not, and then add lubricant if necessary. Finally, cover the meat slicer with a slicer cover after using the slicer.

What should you do after using a meat slicer Full Guide:

Final Verdict

A meat slicer is very important and helpful in making food in our home. Besides, it’s also challenging to maintain since it slices meat or various foods.

However, we have already mentioned some maintenance processes after using a meat slicer.

We’ve given a complete description of the cleaning process and more details, including safety tips.

So hopefully, after reading this entire article, you have understood very well what to do after using a meat slicer, and now you’re capable of caring for your meat slicer very well.

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