What Is Flank Steak? [All About Flank Steak]

In the world of meat, flank steak is quite a popular piece of flesh because of its tenderness and flavor. It can make a lot of fantastic meat dishes to explore more meat tastes.

However, still, you may ask “what is flank steak” and how to cook it. As a food lover, you must try this piece of meat.

Flank steak is a piece of the most challenging meat cut that comes from the lower abdomen of the animal. The meat contains high muscle tissue, granule, and fiber.

Also, it is a thick piece of meat with the lowest fats. Besides, the steak covers with silver skin.

In this context, I’ll give you complete information about flank steak and its cooking method. After knowing the facts, you must want to try the recipes. So, let’s explore this piece of meat!

What Is Flank Steak And Its Alternative Names?

What Is Flank Steak

Generally, flank steak is trendy beef meat for grill and strip lovers. Flank steak comes from the lower abdomen or lower chest of a cow.

This piece of meat is rich in flavor and less in fat. Also, flank steak contains many thin grains that provide a fantastic beef flavor.

Besides, the corner and sidebars are free from fat or sometimes contain fewer fats. For this reason, it can offer a silky flank steak flavor to food lovers.

Various tenderizing spices also add an intense flavor while eating the flank steak. This piece of meat is one inch thick and one foot in size.

Most shops and butchers sell flank steak through pound units. Generally, a piece contains almost 1-4 pounds of grains. You will find flank steak in regular groceries in the stored meat section.

These shops offer refrigerated meats. However, if you want fresh meats, go to the butcher counters in your area.

Also, nowadays, you can find fresh flank steak online. These online shops will cut the meat after getting an order from you. That’s why most of the time, they provide genuine and fresh meat to the customers.

Besides, the central fact is to know the cooking process for enjoying the beef. And that’s why marinating is an essential part of cooking flank steak.

Different names are known as flank steak in other countries and regions. However, most nations call meat flank steak. In some areas, people define flank steak as jiffy steak.

Besides, in French, it is familiar to people as Bavette and Arrachera in Spanish. London broil and flank steak fillet are other familiar names in most countries and regions.

Difference Between Skirt Steak Vs. Flank Steak:

Difference Between

Skirt steak is also a perfect piece of meat cut from a cow. Sometimes, food lovers choose this meat cut as a flank steak alternative. Both skirt and flank steak taste amazing and contain a high granule of meat.

However, still, there are some considerable differences in location, taste, and cooking method between these two types of meat.

  • Location:

Flank steak and skirt steak are the most challenging cut of meat and origin from different body areas of an animal. Generally, flank steak comes from the lower abdomen area, whereas skirt steak comes from the diaphragm area.

Besides, the flank is a thicker and broader cut. On the other hand, a skirt is a thin and more extended cut of meat.

  • Taste Of The Meat:

Almost both of the meat pieces taste an excellent beefy flavor. However, skirt steak is a bit strong. Flank steak helps the animal to walk and twist.

That’s why flank steak contains a lot of connective tissue and provides silky flavor. On the other hand, skirt steak doesn’t include these elements.

Besides, both of the steaks are boneless and lean. But skirt steak contains more fats than flank steak.

  • Cooking Method:

Cooking in high heat is the ideal method for flank steak recipes. A perfect marinade is an essential part of cooking flank steaks.

Besides, skirt steak needs more marinating than flank steak. Skirt steak can be cooked in both high and low heat.

You can make grill with flank and skirt perfectly. However, making Fajitas skirt steak is the best choice. Besides, stir-fries will be a perfect meat recipe with skirt steak.

How To Cut And Cook Flank Steak?

How To Cut

Flank steak contains a silky skin on one side of the meat piece. Before putting the meat in the cooking pan, peel off the skin. Take a sharp knife, start cutting from one corner, and gradually cut the whole skin.

If you find any large pieces of fat, cut them out. However, keeping a few fats can add moisture and flavor to the meat. Now, cut the meat against the granule.

Make little slicing over the piece. However, ensure the slicing doesn’t become so deep to detach the portion. Repeat the same method on the other side of the meat.

Besides, if you want to separate slices, use a fork to hold the piece and cut the steak with a knife. Generally, flank steak remains tender and juicy if you cook it at a high temperature within a few minutes.

Also, a good marinade can reduce the cooking time and increase the taste of the meat. Try A.1. Original Steak Sauce while marinating to get a better result.

You can cook the beef braised. By cooking this way, the meat can cook well both inside and outside portion. Explore the video below to understand the methods to cook your flank steak.

How To Identify The Fresh Meat?

Buying a flank steak can be tricky if you don’t know how to identify the fresh meat. Only a new piece of meat can give you a flank steak taste.

Generally, fresh meat looks deep red and tender. The flesh remains in the open air for so long if you find the brown color. Avoid this type of meat.

Moreover, you will find more muscle granules and fibers all over the meat. Besides, fresh meat never contains any water or liquid. If you buy packed meat, ensure there is no tear and water under the tray cover.

Also, there won’t remain dark or other spots over the piece if it is a fresh one. You can try Fresh Brand Beef Boneless Flank Steak to get fresh meat online from Amazon.

Storing Method Of Flank Steak:

Storing Method

Flank steak can remain fresh and tender for at least 6 to 12 months by following the proper process. However, you can store the raw meat only for a few days or one week.

You can benefit from this piece of meat if you cook it immediately. So, don’t try to keep the raw meat for a long time in your refrigerator.

To keep the meat in the refrigerator, you must set the temperature at 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, always keep storing the beef with good packaging.

You will get the best result using the vacuum sealing method to store the flank steak. Through this method, you can keep the meat for one week or more in the fridge.

Related Questions

Q: What Part Of The Cow Is Flank Steak?

Ans: The lower abdominal part is the central origin of flank steak. This body part is twisted and contains a lot of connective tissue. Besides, flank steak is the most challenging beef meat cut for its original portion.

Q: How To Tenderize Flank Steak?

Ans: You can keep the flank steak tenderized by cooking the meat at high heat with low time. Also, tenderizing depends on the proper slicing of the flesh. A good marinade and braising can also keep the meat tender after cooking.

Q: Is Flank Steak Healthy?

Ans: Flank steak is too healthy for any person. It contains fewer calories and high fiber. With maximum protein, flank steak is cholesterol free and flavorful. Also, the meat provides a great tenderness if it cooks and serves perfectly.

Q: Is Flank Steak Expensive?

Ans: Flank steak is relatively more expensive than any other cut of beef meat. The meat cut is the toughest and needs a professional touch to process perfectly. Generally, it costs $11 per pound at the butcher counters and shops in most countries.

The Bottom Lines

Delicious meat recipes need tendered and highly flavored meats. And that’s the place where the name flank steak comes. Flank steak makes eating more delightful in the world of beef meat.

However, if you are still unknown about what is flank steak, you miss a considerable eating exploration. Besides, this meat is relatively healthy as it contains a lot of protein.

I hope the content will let you know more facts about flank steak. Never forget to comment with me to share your flank steak cooking experience!

Happy Eating!

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