What Is A Ductless Range Hood? A Complete Definition

Range hoods are pretty necessary for both commercial and home kitchens. It sucks the harmful particles from the cooking odors or gas and makes it pure and chemical-free.

Ductless range hoods are unfamiliar to users among the two types of range hoods. And most users ask, “what is a ductless range hood”? A ductless range hood is a non-ventilated and recirculating range hood.

It first absorbs the polluted cooking odor, grease, gas, and air. After that, it filters the impure chemical particles from the contaminated air and again releases the clean air into the environment.

In this context, I will inform you about the facts and truths about a ductless or recirculating range hood. Also, you will learn more about what range hoods are suitable for your kitchen and vice versa.

What Is A Ductless Range Hood And Its Benefits?

Ductless range hoods are also known as recirculating range hoods. These types of kitchen hoods filter the contaminated cooking air and gases.

Also, it purifies the air and gas and rereleases the clean air into the room. Most ductless range hoods use charcoal powder, fat, or filtering paper to clean the air.

Moreover, these ductless range hoods can be installed in the small spaced kitchen. As it uses fan and filter elements, ductless range hoods don’t need wall attachments.

You can install it anywhere above the cooktop or cooking stove in the kitchen. However, these kitchen hoods produce much noise due to the filtration through the fan. Here, I will explain some benefits of using a ductless range hood.

What Is A Ductless

  • Easy Installation

The easy installation system is the most compelling feature of this kitchen hood. Like other range hoods, you don’t have to toil hard to install them in your kitchen. For setting, the user needs to set the fan and filter above the cooktop.

  • Cost-effective

Ductless range hoods are worth buying for any kitchen. These kitchen hoods offer an excellent air filtering service at an affordable price. Also, these hoods need electricity to run the fan and filter.

  • Space compatible

You can install the recirculating range hoods in any space. The space-compatible feature will allow the users to install it in the smaller kitchen.

  • Amazing Working Method

Generally, ductless hoods absorb volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the cooking gas, grease, and air. After filtering the air, the fresh air circulates again inside the kitchen room.

  • Effortless Cleaning

These range hoods don’t need to clean daily. You can clean the hood after years. Also, for cleaning it, you have to change the charcoal or filtering elements only.

What Is a Ducted And Ductless Range Hood?

Ducted And Ductless

A range hood is an essential component in kitchen appliances. It keeps the kitchen environment clean, fresh, oil-free, and grease-free. Also, these kitchen hoods absorb all types of air contamination created by cooking.

And make the kitchen air fresh by circulating the filtered or outside air. Again, these kitchen hoods contain lights to enlighten while cooking.

Besides, range hoods make cooking easy and comfortable. It prevents the air contamination of other living areas by capturing the polluted air immediately.

Typically, two types of range woods are available in the market. Though there are some differences between the two ranges, both of these are suitable for commercial and home kitchen usage. 

Ducted Range Hood:

Generally, the air cleaning method is the main difference between ducted and ductless range hoods. A ducted range hood removes all the contaminated air outside through a pipeline.

It never filters the atmosphere to clean the kitchen environment. Also, these ranges are extensive and can cover a large area for air exhaustion.

Ductless Range Hood:

A ductless range hood isn’t clean the air like the other range hood. It filters the air and releases it into the kitchen room. Also, the cleaning method is more accessible than the duct one.

There will appear a layer when it becomes dirty. Besides, these ranges are more suitable for complex apartment kitchens. 

What Is The Best Ductless Range Hood?

There are so many brands and models for ductless range hoods. However, you should choose the best ductless range hood for your kitchen to get the best services.

Also, there are some factors that you must consider while buying a recirculating range hood. Besides, you will need some prior idea about the kitchen environment before deciding on any model.

Range hood size is an essential factor in choosing a product. The size of the hood must adjust the kitchen space. Also, the air flowing power has to meet the need.

Generally, air flow rate counts in CFM. A high rate of CFM indicates the speed of the air cleaning process. So, consider these two factors most while you’re buying.

After researching ductless range hood options, I prefer Broan-NuTone Ductless Range Hood, which meets all the factors in the kitchen environment.

This recirculating range hood is affordable for both homeowners and commercial kitchen owners. However, still, you should strictly follow the elements to buy the suitable one for you.

What Does A Ductless Range Hood Do?

What Does A Ductless

A ductless range hood can make the cooking odor to fresh air. It eliminates the greasy air and prevents your foods from being contaminated.

Behind the air filtering process, there happen a lot of operations. Also, the air will be filtered by following some significant steps. Now, l will describe to you what a ductless range hood do for purifying the air.

  • Air Sucking

Air sucking is the first stage of air cleaning. When the cooking odor and greasy air start to produce, the range hood sucks the air, gas, and smell. After that, it takes the air to the filter.

  • Air Passing Through The Filter

The filter contains a lot of filtering elements. There remains a filtering tray that holds the carbon paper through the panels. Also, there are holes to pass the air to the next level.

  • Purifying By Carbon Paper

Carbon paper absorbs the air’s oil, grease, and other chemical compounds. When the air passes through the carbon particles, it captures the impure particles from the air and releases the pure air.

  • Charcoal Filtering

After filtering through the carbon paper, the air comes to the charcoal powder filter. Charcoal powder spins and breaks too few particles from the air. Also, charcoal even can prevent bacteria from the lousy cooking odor.

  • Recirculate The Air

It is the last stage of air purification. In this stage, the range hood releases pure air into the environment. This electrochemical technology keeps the kitchen environment fresh and healthy.

Related Questions

Q: Are Ductless Range Hoods Worth It?

Ans: Ductless range hoods are as effective as ducted range hoods. Even in some cases, these range hoods performs better than the ducted one.

Also, the user can use ductless range hoods in any kitchen size without any ventilation pipe or system.

Q: How Do I Know If My Range Hood Is Ductless?

Ans: Generally, ductless hoods are pretty small than ducted range hoods. Also, these range hoods have no ventilation pipeline or wall attachment. It contains only a filter and a fan with the kitchen hood.

Q: How Do You Clean A Ductless Range Hood?

Ans: Replacing the charcoal is the only cleaning option for a ductless range hood. However, this charcoal filter can remain clean for years.

It must be clean when the dark layer becomes visible outside the filter. Besides, you can use Weiman Range hood cleaner to clean the carbon filter and outside portions.

The Bottom Lines

Ductless range hoods perform better in the smaller kitchen, mainly in complex buildings. As it doesn’t need any ventilation and wall attachment, the cost fee is relatively low and affordable.

However, many homeowners still don’t know what is a ductless range hood.

Now, you have learned all about ductless or recirculating range hoods. Use these range hoods if living in a non-ventilated building and save your kitchen environment.

Stay healthy!

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