How To Use A Smoker Box On A Gas Grill? [The Correct Method]

Food smoking is a low-simmer cooking process. The smoker box makes this process more effortless for barbecue lovers.

However, one must first know how to use a smoker box on a gas grill to get the best result. Last year, I bought a smoker box online that I used for making my pork rib barbeque.

However, I didn’t make it perfect for the first attempt as a beginner. Soon I learned a lot from my mistakes and understood the actual process.

In this context, I’ll share the processes of using a smoker box on a gas grill. Also, some additional concepts will increase your knowledge about food smoking.

So, let’s go to the primary process to make your dish full of flavors with a smoker box.

How To Use A Smoker Box On A Gas Grill?- A Step By Step Guideline

Using a smoke box on a gas grill is more effective than any other option. By applying the correct method, food smoking becomes easier. Now, I’ll show you the entire smoking process. 

Step-1: Setup The Smoker Box With Wood Chips

Setup The Smoker Box

Before setting the smoker box, soak the wood chips under water for one hour. If you use dry wood chips, it can create flashing when the lid is closed.

After wetting perfectly, fill the smoker box with wood chips. Make sure you use the right amount of wood chips inside the box. Generally, one to two cups of wood chips is enough for smoking.

Step-2: Preheat The Grill

Preheat The Grill

Now, open the grill lid and turn on all the burners high. Turn on the valve to supply the gas and keep close to the burner for 15-20 minutes to heat the grill.

Also, don’t forget to clean the grill with a long deep brush. When it heats appropriately, turn the burners in the middle to simmer.

Step-3: Create The Smoke

Create The Smoke

After heating, remove the grates and add the smoker box to the gas grill over the vaporizing bars. Again close the lid and wait to create the smoke ideally.

When the smoke is created, it will show from outside the grill. Generally, it takes 200 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit to create smoke.

Step-4: Place The Foods

Place The Foods

In this part, open the grill lid quickly and place the food. Make sure you smoke the foods in simmering heat. The taste intensity of the smoke depends on the distance between the food and the smoker box.

If you want smokier flavor on your food, place it near the smoker box. Watch this Weber Grills video below for better observation and follow the instructions.

Things You Should Know Before Using A Smoker Box On A Gas Grill:

Before using a smoker box on your gas grill, some facts are reasonably necessary. Following these factors helps the cooking and increases the food taste.

  • Types Of Wood Chips:

Types Of Wood Chips

Different wood chips may vary the taste of the food. The smoke from the high-quality wood chips adds a great flavor.

Choosing suitable wood chips for your meats and fish is essential. You can try out WESTERN 80485 BBQ Smoking Chips to explore four different smoke flavors.

  • Wet Wood Chips Vs. Dry Wood Chips:

Wet Wood Chips

Wet wood chips take time to create good smoke. It looks grey and light after vaporizing. Also, it can prevent the flashing of fire.

Soaked wood chips are the only option to get a deep, smoky flavor. On the other hand, dry wood chips create smoke quickly after placing the grill.

The smoke looks bluish and deep. If you want an immediate result, try the dry wood chips.

  • Types Of Smoker Box:

Types Of Smoker Box

To choose a smoker box, I prefer cast iron as it is effortless to clean. The smoking box gas grill doesn’t need any extra smoker box.

You can choose the best gas grill under 300 that offers an excellent grill-smoker combo. However, you can do this job by using a smoker tube or foil paper.

  • Types Of Gas Grill:

Types Of Gas Grill

A smoky barbecue’s actual taste depends on the gas grill’s quality. To make barbeque, you must choose a good quality grill. There is the best gas grill under 150 that can provide a great food taste.

Some gas gill offers smoker boxes with it. However, single grills need a suitable smoker box for smoking. Otherwise, your food may spoil with the wrong smoker box.

5 Tips To Use A Smoker Box Successfully:

Now, I’ll provide some additional tips to enrich your barbecue with unique flavors. Also, these tips will make it easier to use a smoker box. Try to use these tips and tricks while smoking the food.

Tip-1: Use Dry Wood Chips For Foil Paper

Use Dry Wood Chips

Foil papers are also a great alternative option for the smoker box. However, if you’re using foil paper, try to fill it with dry wood chips.

It is because wet wood chips can’t make good food smoke. Besides, dry wood chips add a deep smoky flavor to the food.

Tip-2: Place A Spicy Water Solution Inside The Grill

Place A Spicy Water

If you want a twist of spice in your barbeque, follow this technique while smoking. Make a water solution with various herbs on foil paper.

After that, place it inside the grill grate while creating the smoke. Now, place the foods over the water solution to mix the spices.

Tip-3: Preheat The Smoker Box Before Filling

Preheat The Smoker

Preheat the smoker box before filling it with the wood chips. You can do this job while preheating the grill also. Preheating the smoker box makes it perfect for producing smoke.

Tip-4: Add More Wood Chips To Charcoal Grill

Add More Wood

Charcoal grills can’t keep the smoke for a long time. So, it needs to add wood chips even after creating the smoke properly.

Also, these grills have a smoke hole to control the amount. Check out the best charcoal grill under 200 if you want to explore a new experience with the charcoal grill.

Tip-5: Drain The Extra Water From Soaked Wood Chips

Drain The Extra Water

Extra water can reduce the smoke. That’s why drain the excess water from soaked wood chips while filling the smoker box. Also, the smoke takes time to create if extra water remains at the bottom of the box.


Q: How Long Does It Take A Smoker Box To Start Smoking On A Gas Grill?

Ans: A smoker box takes 15 to 20 minutes to start smoking on a gas grill. Also, after starting to smoke, it remains for a long time.

And the smoke releases through the hole over the smoker box. You must keep the box under the grill grater and over the fuel source.

Q: Can You Put Charcoal In A Smoker Box On A Gas Grill?

Ans: You can’t put charcoal in a smoker box on a gas grill. The gas grill is unsuitable for placing charcoal or other types of fuels.

Also, charcoal in a smoker box may severely damage the gas grill. That’s why avoiding charcoal on a gas grill is better.

Q: Should Smoker Box Have Holes On Bottom?

Ans: The smoker box hasn’t any holes on the bottom. This box is fully sealed on the bottom and contains fixes at the upper section of the lid.

Generally, it needs the heat from the fire source but not precisely the fire to create smoke. The upper holes help the smoke spread out inside the grill.

Q: Why Is My Smoker Box Not Smoking?

Ans: Lacking proper air can be a reason for not smoking in the smoker box. When a smoker box can’t contact with air properly, it can’t make smoke. In this case, the wood chips require oxygen most.

That’s why for making smoke, there needs the perfect designer equipment. Weber Universal Stainless Steel Smoker Box5 suits best for gas grill.

Final Verdict

A smoker box makes the barbecue recipes easier. However, most beginners don’t know how to use a smoker box on a gas grill.

Using a smoker box properly would be best to get a perfect smoky flavor. Also, suitable wood chips and a smoker box will make the recipe effortless.

So, always follow the correct method for using a smoker box. And make your dish and smoke the meats and fish without any hassle. Happy grilling!

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