How To Use A Smoker Box On A Charcoal Grill? Learn From Basic

Using a smoker box to make a grill will be a great hope for those who think it is unachievable to make them for their shortage of space.

Since a smoker box is used to cut off the place’s difficulties, one should first learn how to use a smoker box on a charcoal grill to bring them to the next level.

Any typical grill is cooked with the help of lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes as a heating source. The charcoal fuel is needed to set underneath the grill gates.

So, the smoker box here works as an oven box to give shelter for charcoal fuel and the grills. Here’s a complete guide to set this with step-by-step instructions.

Steps To Follow To Use A Smoker Box On A Charcoal Grill In 2 Way

Who doesn’t want to cook grills like a professional? We all want it. Hence, the Smoker box is a great instrument that is usually best to bring the authentic flavour of the grills.

One may follow the below steps to use them for cooking delicious charcoal grills quickly. Let’s know how to use a smoker box on a charcoal grill

Way 1: On The Oven Stoves With Charcoal Grills

On The Oven

Charcoal grills can be made in two distinctive ways. One of the suitable ways people recommend them is to make them in bigger ovens. If you’re from them, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Gather All The Tools 

Collect all the necessary tools before preparing the barbeque grills. You might need all these tools, including, 

  • A smoker box 
  • A griller stand
  • Charcoal chips  
  • Stainless steel brush, etc.

Step 2: Choose A Decent Place

At the beginning of the task, choose a proper place for cooking the grilled meats. It is important since the burning smoker box must be set in a wide-open area.

So, the smoke it produces further will easily go away instead of entering the house. 

Step 3: Put The Charcoal Chips On The Smoker Box 

Putting the dry wood directly on the flavorizer bar is the first choice for most Chiefs. In the case of charcoal, you can also use this trick similarly by putting chips or wooden bars inside the box.

But this won’t be able to produce the smoke earlier. It will take longer for them to begin the procedures. So, the best way is to put the dry charcoal wood inside the smoker box. 

Step 4: Preheat Them For 10-20 Minutes 

After putting in the charcoal pieces, leave it to preheat the smoker box for about 10-20 minutes. You can set the burners up too high during this time. Preheating will also help shorten the time it takes to cook the normal grill. 

To do this, set the smoker box on top of the charcoal. But if you decide to make grillers on a gas stove, put the stoves on higher to heat the charcoal bars.

Step 5: Set The Temperature Down Once The Smoke Comes Out

While the smoke box starts to produce fumes, set the temperature down on the burners. It should be at a normal cooking temperature for the perfect grills.

Otherwise, the grills will be burned very badly. Now, place the grilles on the top of the box to enjoy the delicious flavour of the charcoal grills.

Way 2: Only Using The Charcoal Grill Stands

Only Using

Charcoal griller stands are another way to get the authentic flavours of charcoal grills. So, herein are the steps one should follow to grill them properly in a smoker box. 

Step 1: Filled The Smoker With Charcoal 

First, fill the smoker with charcoal. Make sure not to overload the box. Take the proper amounts that you need for the grills.

Step 2: Place The Box Directly On Hot Charcoals

Next, place the box directly on the hot charcoal underneath the grill gates. Leave it for a while. The wood should start to produce fumes after 10-15 minutes. Now, put the grills one by one to start cooking. Then close the lid.

Step 3: Cook The Grills And Remove The Charcoal

Now, the grills are cooked when the box temperature reaches 160F. Remove them from the box and also smoulder the charcoal from there. Let the grills rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.

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Benefits Of Using Smoker Box For Charcoal Grills 

Benefits Of Using

Even though you’re using great sizzling and better quality grills in the smoker box, here are some extra advantages of using such a box for the grills. 

  • It produces better-flavoured food which one might like best.
  • Since this box comes in different sizes, shapes, and variations, it is easy to buy them under budget. 
  • The smoker box will melt the grilled meat properly.
  • Easy to clean after use or disposal
  • This unique smoker box can also be put on both gas stoves or charcoal grills.

3 Best Recommended Smoker Box Under Budget

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Secondly, we have Cuisinart CGG 240, which is great to buy for 1500 BTU burner capacity. Thirdly, one can purchase a Giantex portable gas grill due to its excellent tabletop grills and wide cooking surfaces.

Final Wrap

Now that it is clear how to use a smoker box on a charcoal grill, it’s become easy to cook. Apart from this, you can make BBQ chicken using charcoal inside the grills.

Most of the smoker boxes are designed to handle both the charcoal and grills perpendicularly. 

In that case, one can decide to place them in the oven chamber or separately by cooking them through the burning charcoal.

The way you choose to cook depends on the person’s choice. It varies from how one uses to cook the grills on their own recipe.

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