How to use a meat slicer?

In our daily life, we use various types of utensils for our cooking needs. A meat slicer is one of them. A meat slicer is one kind of food slicer that is a very useful tool used in many butcher shops, supermarkets, and delicatessens to slice meat, hard vegetables, and cheeses.

It allows you to slice food accurately. As you have to operate any meat slicer with a sharp and large blade, it can be dangerous. In fact, its incorrect use can cause injurious to the operators.

So it is really important to use any meat slicer correctly. Here are some tips about how to use any meat slicer perfectly and carefully. 

Home meat slicer using tips:

Tip 1: Food you can use with a meat slicer

Though it is a meat slicer, you can slice a lot of food with it too. So let’s discuss which food you can slice besides meat. 

  • Vegetables

It is not new to slice veggies with the meat slicer you have at your home. You just have to be sure that you are using the best slice blade for your slicer. Then you can easily slice many hard vegetables too.

  • Bread

You can also slice homemade bread with any good slicer. In fact, the meat slicer gives a perfect size of bread and comes smoothly from the slicer.

  • Raw meat slicer

Many people get confused if they can use a meat slicer for raw meals, or does the food have to be cooked? There is no specific meat slicer for raw meat. A meat slicer can be used for both raw and cooked meat. 

It is recommended that if you want to use the slicer both for raw and cooked food purposes, then buy a commercial slicer that contains stainless steel parts. 

Tip 2: Food you should avoid

If you want your slicer to go for a long time, you must know which food or things you should avoid. 

  • Avoid fruits that have seeds:

The seed of any food is a very hard thing. So when you use food that has seed can cause harm to your appliance. For example, Tomatoes, avocados, peaches, and especially avoid that food that has large seeds. 

  • Avoid meat with bone:

As bone is also a very hard thing, so try to avoid meat that contains bone. It can cause damage to your slicer. 

Can You Cut Frozen Meat with a Meat Slicer?

This is a common question of people that Do they cut frozen meat with a slicer? The answer is no because frozen meat gets as hard as a stone. So it undoubtedly can damage or break your slicer’s any parts. 

Tip 3: Fine Edge or Serrated Edge Blade, which is best for your Meat Slicer?

Some food slicers do not appear with a fine blade or serrated edge blade. So if they come with one, then you need to buy another one. But the question is, how will you know which one is better? 

To solve it out here is some suggestion: 

  • Fine edge blade

The fine blade comes with a very smooth edge. It’s that much smooth that it gives very thin and perfect slices without tearing the food accidentally. 

  • Serrated Edge Blade

Serrated Edge blade contains groves on edge like a bread knife. This blade is best for hard foods without causing any damage to its parts. So it would be best if you used this serrated edge blade for meats.

Tip 4: Meat Slicer Tips for Safety

 In every work, there are some safety measures. Again when it’s about a slicer, then the safety rules are so many. 

  • Keep away children from the slicer:

This slicer is only for adult use. So it is important to keep children away from touching the equipment. Again food slicers can be happy. So if it fell down, then it can injury the children. So children should be strictly forbidden to touch it.

  • Blade safety:

The blade is a dangerous thing, so not only children; everyone has to be safe. Blades should have the proper attachments to cover them up in place.

  • Keep the unit unplugged and the power button off after use:

This advice is for every cooking, electrical device. When your work is done, instantly unplug the unit or switch it off. Even if you haven’t clean it yet and have to walk away a few minutes, don’t wait; just unplug it and go to your work. 

  • Use cut-resistant food gloves:

Food gloves can save you from many dangers. Besides, you can look for a slicer where you don’t need to push your hand along with the meat. 

  • Follow the manufacture’s instructions:

Different types of meat slicers are there with different functions, so if you have bought any food slicer before or not, first read out the full manufactures’ instructions. As they are the manufacturer, so they know the equipment best. So to reduce risk, first read the instruction carefully. 

Tip 5: How to clean a meat slicer?

How to clean a meat slicer?

The different slicer is featured differently. So don’t clean it in your own way. There are always some restrictions and recommendations. 

Make sure whether the slicer is unplugged or not. Because here you are cleaning not only the blade but also other parts of the slicer. So if suddenly the on button is pressed, then you can’t stop the injury. 

  • Avoid dishwasher

Do not place any parts of the slicer in the dishwasher because the hard detergent can damage the parts. Just wash the slicer with your hand carefully. Do not forget to wear tear-resistant gloves. 

  • Reassemble when dry

After cleaning the slicer, let the parts dry. After that, try to reassemble the slicer to make sure that all the parts are locked or not. Try to keep the slicer unplug just after every use. 

Tip 6: How to Sharpen a Meat Slicer Blade

The blade is the main thing of any slicer. Obviously, if you use a meat slicer for a long time the blades get dull and will not give better performance. Then it would be best if you sharpened the bleed to make it durable. 

  • The Process of How to Sharpen A Meat Slicer Blade:
  1. Switch off the slicer if it was running, then let it cool. 
  2. Open the blade’s cover with a soft cloth and detergent, clean the blade and let it dry. 
  3. Apply some cooking or lubricating oil on the bleed 
  4. Touching the sharpener stone, adjust the blade as said in the manual. 
  5. Now switching on the power, allow the blades to spin for grinding. If you separately use a whetstone then make sure that it, while spinning, would not fall off. 
  6. Now, switch off the slicer and check whether it is sharpened enough or not. If you feel that the blades are still dull then repeat this process again.  
  7. Then clean the blade with a new cloth and clean the slicer perfectly and let it dry. 

In this way, you can sharpen your meat slicer easily. 

Tip 7: Maintenance

You care about anything, then it lasts. So it needs no telling that proper maintenance can help you to make your meat slicer durable. 

  1. First of all, after every time, clean the slicer and dry it properly.
  2. Sharpen your slicer’s blade when it gives a totally bad performance. Try to change the blade after one year. 
  3. Try to oil the slicer mainly in some parts so that the tool will run smoothly.

How to Use & Clean Your Meat Slicer Full Guide:

Final Words:

Anything for the first time comes in perfect condition. As time passes, the device loses its working speeds. But giving proper maintenance and using it correctly can allow you to enjoy the services for a long time.

So use and properly maintain them. That is how you can save money and can save your machine too.

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