How to use a citrus juicer?

A citrus juicer is something from which you can make juices from any citrus fruits such as lemon, orange or pomegranate, etc.; if you need a citrus juicer for your home or in a new business start-up, definitely you can buy one.

The citrus juicer is also crucial for big commercial spaces because citrus juicer comes with different variations in different models. What if you purchased your convenient citrus juicer, but sadly you don’t know how to use citrus juicer properly. 

So before buying any citrus juicer, it’s mandatory to know the proper use of it. You might face some discomfort because of inadequate knowledge, or either you can make a mess by it. 

An All-in-One Citrus Juicer:

When you buy a gadget for your kitchen or a small business setup, it’s always important to know is it worth the money or not. Being the all-in-one citrus juicer its needs to fulfill some requirements.

If you spent your money wisely to buy an all-in-one citrus juicer, then you don’t need to repaint them for the long term. You can work with this with satisfaction through all the years. 

You have to decide the size first. Size is one of the major issues if you have a small kitchen. After that, if you want to buy it for commercial use or professional way.

You need to choose a heavy-duty metal body juicer that will be more long-lasting for rough use. Commercial citrus is usually heavy, but it’s very durable.

The materials used for the juicer are essential and make sure the metal is safe to use. Physical safety is also mandatory to avoid any injuries. 

After that, how easy the operating system is, and the speed of work is also compulsory. Cleaning is one of the essential issues for the juicer. It makes the juicer more convenient.

When all this useful feature comes with a warranty and good customer supports its makes juicer an all-in-one juicer for your home or professional use. 

Tips for Using the Citrus Juicer:

Knowing the basics is most important after buying any juicer because every juicer in the market comes in a different mechanism. So it’s essential to know every detail about it.

Which part contains which metal is there any fragile part or not. Everything is knowing carefully is mandatory. A citrus juicer is commonly a manual juicer.

The operator system for this juicer is simple and easy. Most of the citrus juicer comes with an instruction guide along with what you have to do is read the instruction properly before using it.

So if you are using this for the first time, there is no need to worry because it’s easy to operate if you follow the instructions properly.

And for the best result with the juice extraction, you need to follow some core methods. There are no extra or special things for it. Using the Citrus Juicer is as simple as your other kitchen stuff. 

Making the maximum amount of juice:

You can squeeze the fruit with your bare hand to make juice from it, so why you need a juicer? Actually, a juicer makes your work easier without creating any mess.

Most importantly, making the highest amount of juice in less effort. So you must make sure that this juicer is making the worth the money by creating the highest amount of juice or not.

With the juicer, you have to concern about the right fruits to make juice of it also. It is a necessary thing that ripe fruits will give more juice. 

Other than that, there are some more basic tips to make maximum juice, such as don’t make juice from any fruits which are just come out from the refrigerator.

Chilled fruits, it’s a bit difficult to make juice out of it. Give the fruit time to get it at room temperature, or you can microwave them for a couple of minutes. Either you can give it a nice hot water bath for a couple of minutes. 

When the citrus fruits are warm enough, you can roll them over under the plum on a flat surface before chopped them off. Then the other preparation is you have to cut it lengthwise instead or widthwise.

At this point, whatever the citrus juicer you have, if you hold or place the citrus fruits in the right place in the juicer, you can make sure the highest amount of juice from it. 


Cleaning is essential for any citrus juicer after every use. Lime or orange has natural anti-bacterial properties, but it is harmful to a metal surface or any equipment if you leave it for the long term.

So it’s necessary to clean the washable part of the juicer properly. Most of the citrus juicer cleaning is so easy and convenient. Lemon squeezer is one of them.

To clean any lemon squeezer, what you have to do is clean it on running tap water. After that, take a twofold sided wipe and put around a few drops of dishwashing fluid cleanser.

Otherwise, it’s barely enough until bubbles structure when crushed more than once. With a commercial citrus juicer or dedicated citrus juicer, what you have to do is make the apart by every part.

After that, clean the washable part gently in running tap water with some liquid dishwasher and sponge. After all this process, you have to wipe it off to remove any extra water and place them properly. 

How to use a lime Squeezer?

Lime squeezer is such a small utensil that fits in your kitchen so easily. Its works so well in squeezing the lemon without requiring any extra space. You might wonder how I can use the tiny utensil.

You have to cut the lemon in half. For your convenience, you might cut into small pieces with the skin. After that, place the lemon cut side down in the squeezer where the whole poky side is.

Place the other size on top of the lemon and press down the handle together. For the pressure, you’ll see the juice comes out through the whole lemon squeezer. 

Best way to make the most out of Your Citrus Squeezer?

First, to get the highest amount of lime juicer, roll the lemon on the flat surface. After that, it will be great to put the lemon in warm water for a couple of minutes.

Instead of a hot water bath, you can also microwave the lemon for a minute. When it comes to cut it off, it will be great if you cut them lengthwise.

It’s the best shape to squeeze them into the lime squeezer. For extra juice, you cake poke the limelight with a fork. 

How to Use a Citrus Squeezer?

How to use a citrus juicer

You can use a citrus juicer in many ways. Not only lemon, but you can also make orange juice from this. Suppose you want some fresh juice from the lemon or orange.

Citrus squeezer comes with two handles and space to place the lemon or any citrus fruits to squeeze. After that, you have to cut the citrus fruits in the adjustable shape of the squeezer.

Place the fruit properly in cut side down position. Then press coarsely. The more you will press, the more juice from citrus fruits will come that much faster.

You can store the juice in a bowl or glass under the squeezer. This is the typical process of any citrus squeezer to make fresh citrus juices. 

How Much Juice Is in Citrus Fruit?

Juices of the fruits always vary from fruits to fruits. Between orange and pomegranate, oranges will produce more juice because of the watery citrus.

Commonly we can see that we can have approximately 4 to 5 tablespoons or one-third cup to one-fourth cup oranges juice from a single orange. 

Besides with pomegranate has more pulp in the residue. So naturally, we will get less amount of juice from it. Grape will initially produce less in the portion of citrus juice because of the size and pulp.

Size also varies for the quantity of juice. If you take a large citrus fruit, definitely you’ll get more amount than the typical ratio. Ripe fruits get more amount of juice. 

Basically, the more the fruit is ripe, the more juicy and tender citrus is inside there. So size, pulp, and ripe are common factors to know the amount of juice from any citrus fruits. 

How does a lemon squeezer work?

If you ever used a garlic press, you could be related to the lemon squeezer because they work similarly. Its works on the press method. But it’s not like the same press method that you do with your bare hand. 

On the bare hand, we can’t distribute the press properly, so juice can’t be appropriately gestured. Most of the time, there always have some leftover lemon juice in the lemon pulp.

In that case, the lemon squeezer makes our work easier to distribute the press evenly. You have to roll the lemon on a flat surface to make out the maximum amount of juice.

Cut into half or adjustable shape for the squeezer size. Gently place the other side and squeeze the handle. This is how the citrus juicer works. 

How to use a citrus juicer Full Guide:

Final verdict:

If you are one of them who prefer fresh juice in the morning instead of any store-bought bottle juice, then citrus juicer would go to equipment for it.

There is a variant type of citrus juicer, so you have to choose convenience for you. The less expensive is the lemon squeezer what comes in a suitable size without any extra space required. 

But you need a generous amount of physical effort in this case. If you want something more comfortable without any effort, you can buy any citrus juicer or an electrical one.

But whatever you buy first you need to know the proper use of it to avoid any extra harm to yourself or a little injured.

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