How to Smoke a Brisket in a Propane Smoker? – A to Z Guide

Brisket is a cut of beef breast meat that is slowly roasted and smoked. It’s cooked so softly and it has an incredible flavor. To make a brisket you have to cook the brisket and then you have to smoke it.

If you have already cooked the brisket, the question arises- How to smoke a brisket in a propane smoker?

The process isn’t too lengthy but crucial. Here you’ve to prepare the wood first. Then complete the preparation to smoke it properly, Next check out the temperature, and complete the process.

Finally, cut it properly and serve. It’s a long process to Smoke a brisket. Now pay attention and keep reading.

How to Prepare Wood for the Smoker?

How to Prepare

After you cook the brisker, The first question that comes to your mind is – How to Prepare Wood for the Smoker? 

The most important element of smoking a brisket is wood. It was the main source of heat and smoke back in the old days. But nowadays we over-complicate these things.

You will get many kinds of wood in the barbecue shop. You will see a few shapes and sizes in the woods such as chunks, sawdust, pellets, or chips.

The shape and size depending on how you want to use them. If you don’t find the wood in good shape or size, you have to cut them and give them the perfect shape and size.

There is no need to soak the wood chunk before smoking but if you soak them, they will smolder more than the flame.

If you soak the woods, just be careful to drain the water from the wood before putting them on fire. 

The woods are used for 2 purposes. One is the main fuel source and the other is the source of smoke flavor.

You can use the woods as the main fuel source if you want or you can just use them to get a nice flavoury smoke for the brisket. 

When you use the wood logs for the fuel source you will also get a flavoury smoke from it. 

But if you are using a propane smoker for heating then you just have to put the woods on fire and put them into the smoker for a very flavoury smoke from it.

Smoker Preparation

Smoker Preparation

After preparing the woods for the smoker, the next question arises- How to smoke a brisket in a propane smoker?

Now once you have cooked the meat and prepared the woods next task is preparing the smoker. For smoking perfectly wisely choose a smoker.

Make sure to read the manual that comes with the smoker. Once you have read the manual, it’ll be pretty easy for you to understand how to prepare the smoker.

Here I’ll show you how to prepare a propane smoker step-by-step. Now get ready and pay attention.

Step 1: Set up the Propane Tank

Connect your propane tank to the valve and make sure there is a tight connection to the valve. Once you connected the propane tank then turn on the valve to release the propane

Step 2: Start the Propane Smoker

Once you prepared the propane tank then power on the smoker. Make sure to open the vent and chimneys. Then close the door. Now set the temperature you desire. The optimal temperature would be 200°F-220°F.

Step 3: Add Woodchips

Take a look at the burner. You will see a flat pan above the burner. Add the Woodchips to the flat pan. Let the propane smoker heat up and make smoke. 

If the smoke is coming from the vent and chimneys then it’s ok but if the smoke coming from somewhere else then immediately turn off the propane smoker and read the manual again.

Step 4: Set up the Water Tray

You will see a tray above the woodchip tray. Put water, beer, or any kind of liquid for extra flavor. Make sure to line up the tray with foil for easy cleanup.

Step 5: Add your Food

Now when you have made it this far, check the temperature. If the temperature rose to the point you desired then add the meat to the racks. I recommend adding some smokey veggies like onions, bell pepper, or mushroom.

Once you have made it this far, you might think it’s all but there are a few things to take care of. You just finished preparing the smoker now we will begin the smoking process.

Smoking Process

Smoking Process

Once you have prepared your propane smoker, check again at the smoker. And make sure there’s everything alright. Also, keep the necessary kitchen appliances ready. Now begins with the smoking process.

Step 1: Check on your Smoker

Every 30 minutes, make sure to check on the smoker and the food inside it. Also, check the trays and refresh them if you want to.

Make sure to use a safe hand glove to protect your hand from the heat when you open the door of your propane smoker. 

If the propane smoker has a glass panel on the door then try to look through the glass panel and avoid opening the door.

Step 2: Check the Internal Temperature

Use a meat thermometer to check the temperature. Use the thickest part of your meat to measure the internal temperature. Different meat requires different temperatures. When the temperature matches the meat consider cooked.

Step 3: Remove your Food from the Smoker

Use safety gloves and carefully place the meat on a plate. I recommend using a grill-safe utensil to remove the brisket from the smoker.

Step 4: Turn off your Propane Smoker

Turn off the temperature knob. It’ll turn off the flame as well. Once everything is off, turn off the valve. Make sure the gas supply is off then disconnect your propane smoker.

Cutting And Serving

Cutting And Serving

Once you’ve done smoking your brisket the next thing you have to do is cut and serve. Now get your chopper ready and cut the meat in half.

Now slice the brisket flat against the grain. Now turn your brisket to 90° and slice it against the grain and serve.

Final Verdict

Congratulations! Now you know How to smoke a brisket in a propane smoker?

Now it’s time for you to cook some brisket and smoke it. And if you’ve already cooked then what are you thinking, enjoy the rest with the brisket.

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