How to Make Crepes with a crepe maker?

Crepes are everyone’s favorite breakfasts. Not because crepe is like cake but with smother cardboard with berries and Nutella that creamy consistency with different filling probably won race everyone’s in their favorite breakfast table. 

However, who tasted it outside the home now trying to make it own home, crepe making can be a bit of a hassle issue in the first time to make it at home. It’s certainly doable, but making time is extended.

You have to do lots of stuff like swirling butter, combining until the batter consistently meets syrupy form. Then heating, flipping process with extra carefulness. Again have to make whisking until it becomes smooth.

Nowadays, there is a crepe maker that makes crepe easily with hassle-free accumulation. Crepe maker makes thin crepes delicately around every 3 minutes. Let jump into the following producers with crepe maker crepe making.

What is the difference between pancakes and crepes?

Most of the people among us used to get confused between crepes and pancakes. The differences between pancakes and crepes are in ingredients. Pancakes are made with a puffy ingredient such as baking powder. 

In contrast, Crêpes are made with buckwheat flour. The French people usually use white wheat flour for preparing a sweet version infamous crepe Suzette dessert.

A pancake is a smaller round shape with thick and a bit more height, while a crêpe is a much larger size and thinner.

Ingredients you will need for this easy crepe batter recipe:

There are some basics ingredients that you must be needed in making a crepe. For extra delicious crepe, you can add additional toppings, which are totally up to you.

Before jumping into the making process with the crepe maker, let us blink off the following ingredients chart. I also included my favorite topping. You can try with your favorite topping in the following recipe.

  • 1 cup or 2 cups (needed) all-purpose flour
  • 1- cup milk or 2 ½ cup milk.
  • 20 large egg or mixed eggs according to exact flour measurement
  • Assorted fillings and toppings ( Nutella, cheese, whipped cream for sweet, ham, strawberries, and eggs for savory)
  • 20 tablespoon unsalted butter and melted pinch salt.
  • 1 tbsp rum, or any brown liquor (optional)
  • Granulated sugar for a sweet crepe (optional) 


Since the article about crepe making with a crepe maker, the crepe maker machine is the absolute equipment for this crepe. There are more additional tools needed that are given below chart.

  • A crepe maker
  • A crepe spreader for even thickness
  • Measuring cup and spatula
  • A hand mixer
  • A pastry brush
  • A ladle
  • Large mixing bowl

How to use a crepe maker for absolutely perfect crepes

How to Make Crepes with a crepe maker?


Most of the time, crepe making procedure is the same and matches with everyone. However, you should follow the necessary procedure. With crepe makers, some following crepe make steps will help you make a perfect crepe on any occasion.

Put the griddle in medium heat:

Firstly, put your griddle onto the stovetop in medium heat. It will make your crepe maker heated, and then the crepe will get the perfect shape and be delicious.

Prepare the batter:

Combine the all-purpose flour and the eggs and take all the equipment for other mixture processes. Please turn on the hand mixer at the lowest speed and mix the ingredients until they get well combined after putting the ingredients.

Now pour the milk into the ingredients’ combination until the batter achieves a thick and becomes syrupy consistency. If you are making sweet crepes, add the 2 tbsp sugar, 10- splashes of fleur d’Oranger (optional ingredient), and mix 1 tbsp rum.

When hot, rub the griddle with melted butter:

As per the cook’s opinion, rub the griddle once every 4 to 5 crepes.

Pour the batter:

When the syrupy consistency combination is ready, pour batter on the griddle. To spread the batter in a consistent, use a crepe spreader moving with a counterclockwise motion.

The batter usually becomes soft; that’s why to be careful while spreading to break the circle. Moreover, ensure that the crepe is more thin and even. The crepe should be light and even engulf the surface of the griddle.

Flip the crepe:

When you start seeing that brown bubbles on the crepe’s one side and press the edge if your measurement says the advantages are ready, and then lift the edges with the spatula.

Slide the spatula underneath the crepe and quickly turn upside down to protect the crepe. Every side is needed to keep about 3-minutes on the griddle.

Fill up and serve:

You can use some favorite toppings on the crepe for one or a small group cooking. This method is your choice, especially for savory crepes —griddle heat allows the cheese to melt properly.

For sweet crepes, usual fillings include strawberries, Nutella, whipped cream, and bananas. Most importantly, move fast unless the hot plate potentially overcooks the crepe and toppings.

When it comes to serving or eating, roll the crepes and fold them in half the way, or you can try traditional triangle-shaped crepes but before that you have to know well about How to Make Crepes with a crepe maker.

Besides, you fold the crepe on the griddle by sliding a spatula under one side and then lift it carefully to fold it and use the spatula, press half crepe to make it slim.

Another method of filling crepes is to fill them with cooked eggs, place the crepe on a plate and cover the griddle with a warm dishtowel. 

 For Better Crêpes, Use a Blender:

Consistency of the batter is a pivotal factor in having a delicious crepe. Combine the eggs, flour, milk, water, melted butter, salt, sugar, and vanilla in a blender, blend till about 20 seconds for smooth syrup.

The batter would be thin and pourable and still creamy consistent. If its thickness does not remove easily, add tiny amounts of milk until the right consistency reaches out. 

Crêpe batter is thinner than most pancake batters, but later, you can figure out how creamy and delicious to eat it. If the batter seems too thick and cannot spread in the pan with the spreader, do not hesitate to whisk in a few tablespoons of water gently.

A blender is a fantastic piece of equipment for whipping up the batter, while a bowl and a whisk can also be used.

Do I need to refrigerate crepe batter before cooking?

The best output comes out when the batter is chilled in the refrigerator for one hour, but it can be cooked immediately once the batter is made.

According to my experience, it is better to keep in the standard portion of your refrigerator sometimes crepe making results not pleasant after making the batter and make it cooked a bit too fast.

The first-time maker can do this, firstly refrigerate, make it with cold and smoothy, creamy batter.

How to Make Crepes with a crepe maker Full Guide:

Final words

Crepe is a favorite to all. Every French and American occasion must be the signature menu and dish to every home and restaurant. People eagerly make it as usual at the breakfast table. Due to time taking, some people avoid it. 

However, the fantastic crepe maker makes the time too short and makes crepe available to every home. National Independence Day, ballistic day, Thanksgiving Day is more unforgettable with this crepe menu.

The above article will be helpful if you want to try to make crepe at your home. You can make a perfect crepe within 30 minutes with a fantastic crepe maker.

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