How to Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood?

Fresh air is an essential part in terms of cooking, and ductless range provides that fresh air. If you need a better looking and healthier kitchen, install an under cabinet ductless range hood.

Ductless range hoods are suitable for all kinds of the kitchen because they are easy to set up and economical. The Under-cabinet ductless range hood is different from other exhaust hoods.

While other exhaust releases the air outside, the ductless range hood recirculates the air back to your kitchen. In this process, a ductless range hood makes the distorted air into the fresh air.

How does a Ductless Range Hood work?

The ductless range hood is uniquely designed for recycling the distorted air containing cooking odor and grease. The ductless range hood has fans installed in them, and these fans suck air through mesh filters.

Then the air goes through carbon filters; carbon filters separate cooking odor and grease. After that, the air gets purified and gets recirculated back to the kitchen.

Ductless vs. Ducted Range Hoods

How to Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood?

Ductless Range Hoods:

The ductless range hood is different from a ducted range hood. It can be easily installed in your kitchen. You don’t have to use a chimney to vent air out of your kitchen, and As they are ductless, you can install them anywhere in your kitchen.

By recirculation process, ductless range hood makes the air fresh. First, it sucks air, and then that air goes through a charcoal filter. The charcoal filter removes cooking odor, grease, and smoke.

After filtering the distorted air, the air gets back to your kitchen. To get its best performance, you will have to change the active charcoal filter once in a year or two. 

Ducted Range Hoods:

Ducted range hoods have some restrictions to install because they have to move air out of your kitchen and vent air. They need a chimney.

To install the range hood, you will have to change your exterior design and make way for the ducted range hood. For its limitation, it’s not easy to move a ducted range hood.

The significant difference between ductless and ducted range hood is that ducted range cannot recirculate air. They release the air outside.

These types of hoods are widely used in commercial kitchens as they need no maintenance. 

How to install under cabinet ductless range hood yourself?

The following tools and parts are required to install under the hood of the cabinet:

  • Drill
  • Wire
  • Mallet 
  • Saw
  • Measurement tape
  • Electric outlet
  • Drywall screw
  • Ductless range hood

Once you gather all the tools, choose where you want to install your range hood. Measure the size with measurement tape, after measuring then use the drill machine and make holes. Then mount the mounting bracket using a drywall screw.

After you mount the mounting bracket, install the Ductless range hood, and connect the wire with electricity. You can easily install your ductless range hood in this way.

Recirculating Range Hoods for Gas Stoves

Gas stoves use gas as fuel; for this reason, it throws out more heat they electric stoves. While you burn gas, much toxic gas emits from your cooking, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and many other cooking odors.

That’s why gas stoves need the best ventilation, and the best solution is recirculating range hoods. By recirculation process, range hoods can purify toxic air containing cooking odor, smoke, grease.

Recirculating range hoods take perspective, then that air pass through a charcoal filter. The charcoal filter removes smoke and cooking aroma from the air, then that air gets blown back to your kitchen.

To creak the best environment for your cooking, you should use recirculation range hoods. They are easy to set up and require short maintenance.

Ductless Range Hoods: The Good & Bad


Ductless range hoods are made for indoor kitchens. For a ductless range hood, you will not have to change your home’s exterior design, and there is no need for a chimney. They can easily mount because they have a mounting bracket.

You have to install the mounting bracket then put the ductless range hood on that bracket. The significant part is that ductless range hoods use a recirculating process.

By this process, these range hoods can purify the toxic air in your room containing cooking odor, smoke, grease, etc. You will have to change its charcoal filter once a year.


These range hoods recirculate the air in your kitchen, so sometimes your kitchen may get hot and humid. The ductless range hood uses a fan to suck air from your kitchen, so the fans’ quality is a fact.

If this fan lacks power, then you may get the required results. But the quality of the fan depends upon the manufacturers.

It uses a charcoal filter, so you will have to clean and change these filters from time to time. Cleaning these filters will increase the product lifetime and its ability.

Ductless Range Hood Drawbacks

All product has some drawbacks, and the ductless range hood also has some disadvantages. A ductless range hood uses charcoal filters to remove grease, cooking odor, and smoke from the air.

So you will have to maintain these filters, as they are costly, one can find it a bit too expensive. The ductless range hood has two fans preinstalled in them, and it used these fans to suck the air out of your kitchen.

As they need more power to rotate, they make noise, so you may find it a bit too noisy. A ductless range hood usually recirculates the air, but sometimes the toxic elements stay in the air.

Though they have some drawbacks, they are the best range hood for a home kitchen.

Are ductless range hoods safe?

Ductless range hoods are not that much effective as a ducted range hood. A ductless range separates some odor, smoke, and grease, but they cannot control the hot and humid situation.

As ducted range hood releases the toxic air out of your kitchen, so the inside of your kitchen stays cool and clean.

In comparison to ducted range hoods, ductless range hoods are less safe. But ductless range hoods are suitable for an Indore purpose.

How to install under cabinet ductless range hood full guide:

Final Verdict:

To install the best under cabinet ductless range hood, one must understand its advantages and disadvantages. We have tried our best to bring you all the information about a ducted range hood and ductless range hood.

From now on, you should be able to install an under cabinet ductless range hood by yourself.

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