How to Cool Down Cooking Oil?

Cooling down cooking oil is to bring the oil pot into a big pot filled up with water and then cover the oil pot with some ice around.

As a result, water will assist the oil in transferring heat from the bottom of the container to the ice. There are, however, a variety of cooking oils to select from.

As a result, different oils have various qualities. Therefore, the exact cooking temperature of the oils is not the same for all. It takes 1 to 2 hours for ordinary oil to cool down before being safely extracted.

If you know the smoke points of different cooking oils, you can ensure that you will not overheat the oil. The smoke point of different cooking oils is given below:

  • The smoke point of butter is 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit (149-175 degrees Celsius)
  • Vegetable oil has an elevation smoking point of 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit (204- 230 degrees Celsius)
  • Coconut oil smoking point is between 350- 385 degrees Fahrenheit (175-196degrees Celsius)
  • Animal fat has a smoke point of 370 degrees Fahrenheit (188 degrees Celsius)
  • Pure extra virgin olive oil’s smoking point is 325- 410 degrees Fahrenheit (163-210 degrees Celsius)
  • Canola oil is great for cooking with a smoke point of 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit (204-230 degrees Celsius)
  • Peanut oil has a smoke point of 440-450 degrees Fahrenheit (227-230 degrees Celsius)
  • Avocado oil smoking point is 520- 570 degrees Fahrenheit (271- 299 degrees Celsius)
  • Soybean oil has a smoke point of 450-495 degrees Fahrenheit (230-257 degrees Celsius)

How do you cool oil in a hot pan?

First of all, it is necessary to take the right cooking pan and always know the right temperature for the cooking. Like- for deep frying, 350 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable.

Then, you only heat the pan until the oil is hot and avoid overcooking the pot as much as possible. After finishing the cooking, put the pan at room temperature.

Then keep the pan alone for a few minutes. After a while, the pan and oil will cool down gradually.

What is the fastest way to cool down oil?

The way you can cool hot oil quickly:

  • You should transfer the hot oil to a resistant container.
  • Transfer the oil container to a large container, then fill the large container partially with cold water.
  • You should add ice along the sides to reduce the temperature faster.

This process helps in the movement of heat from the oil container’s bottom to the ice and results in cool oil.

How long does cooking oil take to cool down?

How long does cooking oil

To preserve the remaining oil after cooking, it needs to be cooled first. But to get cool, oil takes a lot of time. Moreover, cooling the oil depends on the amount of oil and the final temperature of the oil during cooking.

Usually, regular cooking oil takes 1 ½ to 2 hours to cool down after being safely removed from the stove. Overall, this cooling process takes at least an hour. 

What happens if you add cold food to hot oil?

When you put cold food in hot oil, the temperature of the oil pot drops. Therefore, it takes time to bring the pot back to its previous temperature. So cooking gets delayed.

Can you pour cold water on hot oil?

When you pour water on hot oil, water comes into contact with a higher temperature than its boiling temperature. So the water starts to steam and gets busted.

What Happens when cooking oil is overheated?

Using cooking oil that has been heated past its mist point gives the meal a burned taste. Excessive heat destroys the beneficial phytochemicals and nutrients of the oil. Besides, harmful free radicals are also created as a result of overheating.

What happens if you put cooking oil in the fridge?

What happens if

These oils can be dense or cloud in the refrigerator. It does not mean that oil spills are bad. It just means that they are cold.

To use this oil, keep the oil at room temperature for about 30 minutes before cooking. Then the oil will be smooth and clear again. Some oils, such as olive oil, usually get hardened in the refrigerator.


Oil is one of the major ingredients of food that provides vital energy to our bodies. It contains essential fatty acids that make up the cell membranes of our nervous system.

We use them daily, from frying to deep frying, stirring, and cooking. However, burned oil ruins the quality of cooking. So, to save the oil from being burned, it is necessary to use oil when it stays at normal temperature.

Moreover, if you cool down the remaining oil properly after cooking, you can reuse it for other purposes. In this article, we have described how to cool down cooking oil. We hope you will find this write-up helpful indeed. 

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