How to Cook Picanha without Grill?

In the United States, Picanha steak is a somewhat superior cut, but its rich flavor and texture make it a favorite in Brazil and many other South American regions.

Picanha is derived from the Latin word picanha, which refers to a sort of pole used by Latin American farmers to herd cattle. The picanha steak is taken from the cow’s rump, prodded with cattle prods by ranchers.

This Brazilian steakhouse classic, best grill, is made from the sirloin cap, the thickest sirloin part. This delicious meal may still be made at home, even if you don’t own a grill or live in an apartment. 

I’ve compiled a few alternate methods for preparing this wonderful dish at home for your convenience. This article will also discover the instructions for preparing picanha without using a grill.

Cook Picanha without Grill

How to Cook Picanha without Grill?

The following are some simple steps for cooking picanha without a grill.

  • Prepare the Picanha

Prepare the Picanha

Before you cook the picanha, t first cut away the sinew and any excess fat from the top of the picanha. A sharp knife or quick, long strokes can remove excess fat. Sprinkle salt on both sides of the picanha.

Allow your picanha to sit for 15 minutes after seasoning it with salt. This will allow the meat to absorb more of the meat flavor while also improving the taste.

  • Get the pan ready

Ensure there is no water on the pan’s surface before you lay the picanha on it to cook it, as this will affect how well the pan works for making picanha.

A paper towel works well for this. You’ll get a steaming piece of meat if you do this instead of a seared one. If you usually make picanha with butter, add it now.

Before placing the picanha over the surface of the butter, make sure there is enough butter to cover the entire area of the pan. 

Again, this step is unnecessary if you cook with oil rather than butter because there will be no need to grease the pan.

Instead of using oil, you can try seasoning your picanha with a proper amount of pepper and salt before cooking it on the pan.

  • Cook the Picanha

After preparing your pan, you could now start the cooking process for your picanha. If you have already salted the picanha on the outside, this process will go quite quickly and easily.

If the picanha interior has been salted, throw it in the pan and cook for eight minutes. After that, bring the temperature up to its highest heat and cook the picanha for three minutes per side.

Turning it over either once or twice while it’s in the pan. While the meat is cooking, you can remove any fat drippings from the surface of the meat using a spoon.

Consequently, the flavor of the beef can enhance with just a trace quantity of added salt. Also, scraping the fat portions off your picanha with tongs rather than a spoon will work nicely.

If you’re using tongs, just ensure no part of the meat sits in the fluids for too long. It may overcook and become tough as a result.

  • Allow the picanha to rest

The more time you let your picanha rest, the more juicy and tender it will be when you serve it. Afterward, let the picanha rest for five minutes.

It’s ready to eat for a minimum of five minutes. When paired with farofa and rice, picanha is scrumptious.

How is picanha best cooked?

How is picanha best cooked

Picanha is best prepared over an open flame using a grill. The traditional method for making picanha involves lighting a fire in a pit dug into the ground, providing direct or indirect heat. 

However, some people may not have a grill in their kitchen; if this is the case, there’s no need to freak out because there are other ways to cook picanha.

The oven, after the grill, is the second-best option for making picanha. Start with preheated at 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Set the picanha on a wire rack that has been placed inside of a baking pan. Cook it for 30 minutes, or until an internal temperature gauge of 125 degrees, Fahrenheit is achieved.

Can you cook picanha in the oven?

Even though the standard method of cooking picanha requires using a grill in very high heat, the oven can also make excellent slow-roasted picanha. 

It should be no surprise that cooking picanha in the oven can result in a slightly distinct flavor profile. Grilling is the best method for flavor, but roasting is the best method if you’re seeking the most succulent flavor possible.

How do you cook picanha steak on the stove?

In a cast-iron pan, drizzle 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Now, heat it to a high temperature over the stove.

Once it is hot, place the picanha steak in the pan and sear it for three minutes on the fatty side or until it has reached the desired browning level.

Flip it over and cook the other side, for another two minutes. Before slicing and serving it, wait at least ten minutes.

How do I broil picanha?

Begin the process of broiling picanha by first preheating your oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of half an hour.

After the desired temperature has been attained in the oven, take the picanha out of the refrigerator. Allow it to cool for some time at room temperature. It takes 20 minutes. 

After twenty minutes, transfer the picanha to a wire rack that has been lined with parchment paper. Broil every side for three minutes.

After being broiled, the picanha should be allowed to rest for 15 minutes. Make sure to season the meat enough with pepper and salt before serving it to your guests.

What temperature do you bake picanha?

The picanha needs to smoke on the grill or when the internal temperature exceeds 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The grill should preheat to between 475 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit to allow direct cooking.

To achieve grill markings and color, sear the picanha on both sides. Now, allow for ten minutes of rest.

Final Verdict

Picanha is most commonly associated with Brazilian BBQ, but we always like having it. Have you ever wondered how to cook picanha without a grill?

It can be difficult work for you because the technique of creating picanha without a grill necessitates cooking the steak at high heat for an extended period for all sections of the steak to acquire the necessary tenderness and temperature. 

Another difficulty is that you have no control over the burner’s temperature if you don’t use your BBQ pit or stovetop grill pan to prepare picanha. 

However, the finest method for cooking picanha without a grill is explained in this article. So, if you don’t have a grill, you can still prepare the greatest picanha possible by following the instructions in this article.

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