How to clean a meat slicer?

Meat slicers are an essential kitchen appliance part of any grocery store, deli, cafeterias, buffet, or sandwich shop. A meat slicer is a versatile machine with which you can slice and produce meat or cheese.

The slicer is often used for a variety of foods. It is essential to know how to clean them; Slicer should be spotless and sanitized every 4hours.

It is essential to clean the slicer of commercial meat as it can spread food-borne illness. You should know how to maintain your meat slicer and how to protect its blade.

You can increase the lifespan of your meat slicer by maintaining cleaning regularly. Clean the meat slicer blade frequently, and sharpen the slicer with a sharp stone, be sure to disinfect your blade after sharpening it.

For the meat slicer, everyone has to handle it properly, which is the most important.

Here are some safety tips for operating the meat slicer:

  • Don’t use bare hands; wear protective gloves while using the cutter. 2. Do not place the slicer in any dishwasher or dish sink.
  • Always try to keep your work to area clutter-free; you can work if there are no other objects around it
  • Focus on work when working with slicers. Focus on-hand when working with blade slicer.
  • Always try to follow the slicer manufacturer’s instructions strictly.
  • You should never use steel wool as it can scratch the machine later.
  • When not using the slicer, lock the blade, turn it off, unplug it and leave the blade” zero” before going on other work.
  • Do not interfere with the safety switch. This is a crucial component of the slicer.

Some tips for cleaning the meat slicer:

Meat or cheese is sliced daily with a slicer. When these accumulate, various bacteria are born, and this is why the germs of food-borne diseases get into meat or cheese.

Therefore, you should clean the slicer regularly to prevent food-borne illness.

  1. You need to set the blade to zero and unplug your machine.
  2. Before cleaning the blade, open the blade cover and carefully lower it.
  3. Clean all parts of the slicer, the slicer knife, and it’s surface with hot water or detergent.
  4. All parts must be washed and sanitized with hot water.
  5. Re-tighten all open sections of the meat slicer.

Method of cleaning commercial meat slicers:

It is essential to look for good quality commercial slicers for accurate cutting, strong performance, and easy operation with commercial meat slicers.

In the busy time of your business or a non-profit organization, you will rely on an excellent commercial slicer that will perform well throughout the day, and it will give you full control.

Once you use a commercial meat slicer, it is essential to clean it regularly to maintain good food quality and cleanliness. So the method of cleaning commercial meat slicers is highlighted.

  1. Moving or lifting the meat carriage. Some slicers are fitted with the removable carriage.  Clean the carriage into the sink and not with the washer.
  2. Remove the slicer’s middle plate. The back of the machine holds a bolt.  It should be unscrewed to release the center plate because it covers the blade. Please do not use harsh chemicals and dishwashers. It’s dangerous. The plate should be washed carefully, so there is no damage to the plate.
  3. Clean the slicer blade carefully. Use warm water, soft cloth, and detergent to clean the blade, and you also need to use a wet cloth. Check if there is any detergent on the blade and wipe it repeatedly with a cloth.
  4. Spray sanitizer on a soft cloth and wipe the blade well with a cloth.

What type of food you cannot slice with a meat slicer:

How to clean a meat slicer

Slicers are used for various foods and also serve to slice meats and cheeses. If you do not clean the slicers regularly, food residue may stick to the machine, and it gives birth to bacteria, which can make your customers very sick.

Slicing a meat slicer can enhance the taste of food can change its texture. It would be best if you always wiped off the slicer with a soft, damp cloth after slicing the meat or cheese.

Your slicer blades or faceplates may contain oil or pieces of hard food, so the machine should be thoroughly cleaned every 4hours every day to prevent potentially dangerous bacteria from harboring.

That way, you will clean your meat slicer machine as much as possible. Learn how to use your slicer to cut paper-thin deli meats, lamb, vegetables for your sandwiches, roast beef, and more.

It is essential to understand what kind of food you cannot slice with this machine before using a meat slicer.

  1. Try to avoid a kind of food that has seeds. Ignore fruits such as peaches, apples, and avocados. They can hamper the machine. It is better to eat seeded food or fruit, but it should not be sliced with a slicer.
  2. Refrain from slicing frozen meat. It is prohibited to use frozen meat with the meat slicer, and be alert when cutting frozen fish, vegetables, and even fruits. Frozen foods lose their moisture, making them harder to cut with a slicer blade.
  3. Always avoid slicing meat with bone. When you go to slice meat, check if the meat has a bone, as the bone can damage the slicer.
  4. Avoid slicing large meats. If the meat is too large, never slice it directly into the slicer, first cut the large meat into small pieces, then slice.

How to clean a meat slicer Full Guide:

Final Verdict:

The meat slicer blade is a very deadly one. It is very sharp and can injure you badly. Whenever you clean or work the slicer or its blade, do it very carefully.

Therefore, cut-resistant gloves should be used on any unwanted accident or hand touch from food. Careful handling and maintenance of this meat slicer must be done.

You can easily handle a meat slicer if you follow proper rules. Don’t use a meat slicer when you are talking to someone else or distracted.

To be safe, always keep your eye on the machine at all times. When you’re using a meat slicer, you can’t multi-task of how professional you are at it.

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