Electric Smoker Vs Gas Smoker – Who Wins the Battle

Do you love grilling meat or are you new to this grilling world? Then, whatever your reason is, this article will be helpful for you, trust us! You’ll find 3 basic types of smokers for grilling.

Such as Gas, Electric & Charcoal. Though all of these smokers do the same thing, the processing is quite different from one another. But which one is good between electric smoker vs gas smoker

Gas smokers are fuel sourced and petroleum gas is used as fuel here. It’s a very environmentally friendly and traditional way to grill meat. The gas is completely harmless.

Then, in an electric smoker electricity is used as a power source. With indoor or outdoor plug extension from the main, this smoker is used.

In this article, we’ll give you the autopsy of both gas smokers and electric smokers as well as why you need a smoker.

We’ll compare and contrast each style, their pros, and cons, then the choice will be yours. So, let’s get started to pick the right smoker for you! 

Electric Smoker- Everything You Need to Know

Electric Smoker

Electric smokers are very easy to use and use electric power. An electric smoker uses electricity to heat the specific element, coil, or wood chips to flavor or cook the meat.

The heat goes up to the rack positioned higher unit and the meat is cooked. You can just “set it and forget” in this smoker.

The thermostat in these smokers maintains the temperature without any babysitting. In all models, you’ll get the low/medium/high setting to monitor the temperature. 

Pros & Cons

  • As it’s an electric power source, no worry about running out of fuel.
  • The models come with the very advanced technology with advantages.
  • The smokers are very easy to use and lightweight. 
  • Regulating and monitoring temperature is very easy for these smokers.
  • Many models have the option of “set it and forget”.
  • Electric smokers are the safest smokers as they do not use gas tanks.
  • You just need a power outlet to operate this smoker.
  • You can’t use an electric smoker in rain. 
  • Some models are very expensive to buy.

Gas Smoker- Everything You Need to Know

Gas Smoker

In gas smokers, heat is used to cook meat in a slow process. The heat goes in between 225°F to 250°F.

The most notable feature of gas smokers is, here the wood pellets or chips are burned into flames which adds a smoky flavor to the meat and cooks it deliciously. 

Gas smokers are handy to use and good for camping purposes. This is a great option to choose if you prioritize the deliciousness without any hassle.

Controlling temperature is also easy for these smokers- just adjust the knob to increase or decrease the flame. 

Pros & Cons

  • You can use gas smokers in all types of weather.
  • Serves the most delicious smoky flavor.
  • Less expensive than high-quality models of electric smokers.
  • Gas smokers are portable, all you need is a 20-pound gas tank.
  • Gas smokers are very easy to operate for a few components. 
  • If not careful enough, temperature control can be a hassle.
  • The gas tanks can run out and I have to buy new ones.
  • These smokers need to babysit while cooking.

A Brief Comparison

In this segment, we’ll give you a very brief comparison table of these two smokers. Let’s get into it-

Facts Electric Smoker Gas Smoker 
Ease to Use Very easy to use, no need to babysit. Just forget the temperature and forget! Need to babysit while cooking. Constant monitoring of temperature and flames
Quality of Taste  A bit bland taste, less flavor-full Best taste with the smokey flavor
Temperature Range Approximately 100°F-250°F Approximately 150°F-400°F
Weather  Not recommended to use in rainy weather for shock hazard Good in all weather, but a bit complicated in windy or cold weather 
Maintenance  Easy to maintain  Easy to maintain 
Cost  Quite expensive  Less expensive 
Safety Completely safe For the gas tank, it’s a bit risky

Electric Smoker Vs Gas Smoker- In-Depth Comparison

Here comes the in-depth details comparison between these two smokers-

1. Quality of Taste

Though in an electric smoker you can have the easiest process with consistent heat, the finishing taste will be a bit bland and lack flavor.

For the minimal venting system, the moisture will retain and there will be no sign of crispness in your grill. Plus, no smoke ring will be seen in an electric smoker, so there is no smokey flavor.

Whereas in gas smokers, everything is maintained manually, the smoke ring is produced with wood pellets. The flavor is rich and crispy. 

Winner: Gas smoker! 

2. Ease & Convenience of Use

An electric smoker is a ‘plugin and forgets’ system. Just plug it into any outlet, set the temperature and you’ll be good to go! The digital thermostat and meat thermometer will ensure the temperature is constant. 

Whereas, in a gas smoker you’ll need much time to set up the process of grilling, and monitor the flame and temperature by sitting beside the smoker.

So, if you’ve never smoked before, an electric smoker is good for you, but after constant use gas smoking becomes easier too. 

Winner: Electric Smoker

3. Your Needs & Experience

Electric smokers are more digitized and don’t require any attention. Whereas, a gas smoker needs constant monitoring. An electric smoker is easy to use, with no hassle but expensive.

Whereas, gas smokers are slower to cook, can reach very high temperatures, and are less expensive. Depending on your need for taste, if you want the tastier flavor, then you should go for the gas smoker.

However, if you want less hassle and easy cooking without babysitting, then go for an electric smoker. In these cases, experienced people choose gas smokers over electric smokers as they know the process. 

Winner: It’s a tie

4. Temperature Range

In an electric smoker, you can reach a maximum of 100°F to 275°F. This temperature is ideal for all types of cooking and smoking necessary. However, you can’t roast at this temperature. 

On the contrary, the gas smoker has a higher temperature range like 150°F to 400°F. In this temperature range, you can smoke, roast and even sear your meat. 

Winner: Gas Smoker 

5. Weather Effect

Electric weather can stand any kind of weather except rainy or wet weather. As vents are extra in electric smokers, the wind doesn’t affect the smoking process. Plus, the thermostat can adjust the temperature properly. 

For gas smokers, windy or wet weather can affect gas smokers as there’ll be flame and smoke. Now, if you live in a dry and summer climate area, either will be good. For damp weather, gas is good. 

Winner: Both 

6. Safety

For safety, an electric smoker is better as it has no hazardous gas tank or flames. It’s designed to reduce any chance of accident or exposure.

However, in gas smokers, it’s different as there is the usage of gas tanks which can create accidents if not hooked up by professionals. 

Winner: Electric Smoker 

7. Cost

The price range is not so big, yet electric smokers are a bit more expensive than gas ones. Either best kind of smoker is available for $200. The gas smoker is cheaper, easy to set up and use plus serves the best food. 

Winner: Gas Smoker

Which One Is Better?

Which One Is Better

Well, both electric and gas smokers have their advantages and features. We’ve elaborated on all the features and what you can face in this article.

If you ask us which one is better, we’ll say a gas smoker is a better option for most people even if it takes quite a bit of maintenance and effort. 

Gas smokers serve the best delicious, tasty, and smokey flavor of meat, so it’ll be worth all of your efforts.

However, for those who want a hassle-free grilling session with simple taste, then you can go for electric smokers.

We’ll leave the rest for your individual choice and experience! But if you want you can check this article on some smokers under $500.

Final Words

That’s all of our electric smokers Vs gas smokers. Either is good for smoking your food and it’) ‘ll deliver a mouth-watering dish for sure.

If you want the hassle-free option, then go for the electric one and an exquisite traditional taste, and go for the gas one. Both are good in their way and depend on your preference.

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