Best WiFi Meat Thermometers – No More Uncooked or Overcooked Food

Cooking is fun when you have the proper gadget to cooperate. Whether you’re a grill, barbeque enthusiast, or just casually love to grill meat, a WiFi meat thermometer will be handy for you.

With the best WiFi meat thermometer, you’ll be able to judge if your meat is properly cooked or not. Now, you may wonder, what are the best WiFi meat thermometers?

To answer your question, we’ve gathered the top 7 wireless meat thermometers, buying guides, and some common questions you may ask.

You may think when you have griddles, ovens, and smokers built with thermostats, why do you need a meat thermometer?

Well, with a meat thermometer you can accurately get the temperature plus the thermometers are packed with mind-blowing features with advantages. 

As 95% of cooking depends on the temperature, that’s why a meat thermometer can be a great help to serve juicy, tender, and delicious meat.

However, our research is independent and you can completely rely on our reviews as we’ve already tested these. Now, let’s get into the products!

Best 7 WiFi Meat Thermometers

Let’s have a detailed overview of all the wireless meat thermometers.  

1. MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

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Meet the newly launched “first truly wireless smart meat thermometer” from the MEATER. This one is the improved version of the original model MEATER PLUS.

The other wireless meat thermometers in the market claim to be wireless, but those have wires from the thermometer to the main unit.

This fantastic thermometer has no wire, plus you’ll get the 2-in-1 package. That means you can get the internal temperature of the meat as well as the ambient temperature. 

In the previous model of this product, the range limit was 30 feet in open grills and only 10 feet in case the lid was closed. In this model, the range got upgraded up to 165 feet.

Plus, you can even use this outstanding product in the oven safely up to 527°F. This fabulous thermometer works with apps on iOS or android devices.

You can even specify in the app how you want to cook the meat-rare, medium rare, medium, or well done! 

Key Features

  • Design: The design of this thermometer is slick and slim. The size is 3.7 centimeters and it’s battery powered. It has one AAA battery included. You’ll get the benefit to customize a 165feet range. 
  • Functionality: This thermometer works with a single probe with two dual temperature sensors. The MEATER gives you the specifications to choose the doneness of cooking plus it also guides how much time you need to cook the meat.  
  • Attachment: In the package, you’ll get a single probe with dual temperature sensors. The temperature sensors can give readings of internal temperature up to 212°F and ambient temperature up to 527°F respectively. 
  • App: All you need to install is a free app on your iOS, Android, or tablet. The app is incredibly easy and convenient to use. It has an alarm system to notify you about extremely effective cooking. Plus point is, you can leave the thermometer while the app will control and monitor the cooking process. 

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely suitable design for both indoor and outdoor cooking. 
  • The app is very specific and easy to use for novice learners. 
  • 100% wireless setting without any single wire. 
  • It’s a pretty expensive option! 

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2. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer

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Introducing ThermoPro, one of the reliable and popular names in the meat thermometer family. This brand has numerous models for novice to pro chefs.

This TP20 wireless meat thermometer is one of them. This unique item has two probes with one wireless remote. Plus, it has a range of up to 300 feet, so you can easily enjoy and keep track of your cooking. 

You can preset 9 types of meat in this thermometer with all specified doneness levels. Just specify all the customization necessary for you and see the alarm. Once your cooking is finished, you’ll receive the alarm.

As it comes with one base unit and a wireless remote, you won’t need any mobile app to install. The entire thermometer is very easy to use and function, so no need to worry. 

Key Features

  • Design: This wireless thermometer has dual probe monitors with a temperature range. It has a base unit and a remote to control and monitor the cooking. Big LCD screen to show the food and oven temperature. 
  • Range & Temperature: The range is up to 300 feet, so you can easily wander around while cooking. You can particularly set the temperature up to 716° F which is higher than most thermometers. 
  • Functionality: You can use the dual probes for 2 bits of meat or one is for meat and another is for the ambient temperature. Just set the desired doneness and specific temperature of the meat and insert the probe into the meat. There will be an alarm and after the cooking is finished, the alarm will make a beep sound. As a bonus, you’ll get a count-up and down system for a longer period of cooking. 
  • Attachments: In the package, you’ll get 2 probes, 1 clip, 1 remote, 1 transmitter, 4 3AAA batteries, and 1 easy manual. 

Pros & Cons

  • The thermometer is highly functional with the most accurate readings. 
  • The probes are made of food-grade steel that can resist high temperatures. 
  • Impressive long-range with multiple pre-programmed meat types. 
  • Not suitable for cold food or water. 

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3. Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

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Time to introduce one of the most digital and exceptional meat thermometers on the market. This thermometer comes with an innovative design along with the latest technologies.

All you have to do is to enter the specific temperature into the leave-in alarm thermometer. Once you’ve finished cooking, the alarm will notify you. This device has a smooth set-up with easy configuration. 

You won’t need any remote or app to control or monitor this smart device, rather just connect it to your house WiFi and command it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

On the online dashboard, you’ll be able to see the graphs of your cooking. If you want to customize the temperature, then just change it from your phone, pc, or tablet. 

Key Features

  • Design: It’s a simple online dashboard design with some extra attachments. The innovative design of variable speed blower that specifically and very precisely maintains your desired temperature. Using the thermometer probes and WiFi connection, you can easily monitor the graphs of your cooking. The big LCD screen displays reading from all the probes. 
  • Connectivity: It has patented software and is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can voice command through it. You can check your meat and pit temperature by all the voice commands. 
  • Advanced Technology: This brand has its patented software combined with the speed blower which helps to maintain the precise temperature, unlike other devices. The thermometer itself controls and regulates the air intake activating the blower. Your task is to connect the device with your WiFi and set the control. 
  • Attachments: In this package, you’ll get high-temperature meat and put probes, a probe cord organizer with a power supply. You can add 3 meat probes maximum which is sold separately. 

Pros & Cons

  • It has an extremely precise temperature control system. 
  • Large LCD screen with all temperature readings.
  • It has a cloud connectivity feature compatible with house assistants. 
  • It may be hard to operate for novice learners.

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4. Tappecue WiFi BBQ Thermometer

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Another highly recommended is from the Tappecue. What makes this thermometer stand out from the crowd is the instant reading of temperature plus monitoring multiple types of meat at a single time.

Like, you can check the multiple types of meat temperatures along with the air temperature. You can use this thermometer in the oven, grill, or even on the smoker.

You can cook everything with precise temperature settings and deliciously with the help of this amazing thermometer. 

The power source of this thermometer is a rechargeable battery. Amazing, right? With the rechargeable battery, you can cook for up to 20 hours.

Not only that, this thermometer can be connected to the WiFi cloud for instant temperature reading. What is interesting is, you can even read the temperature in offline mode when you’re up to 180ft. 

Key Features

  • Design: The thermometer is a smart, digital, and touchscreen display. It has 4 single sensor probes with 2 dual sensor probes. It works with a 2400mAh battery that can last up to 20 hours with a charge. No sign of wires and the entire thermometer is water-proof. 
  • Temperature Settings: You can set the temperature with customization up to 572°F for meat and the oven temperature is 212°F.
  • Functionality: It can be connected to the WiFi cloud for updated temperature readings. You can use the thermometer in the grill, oven, or smoke. With the dual sensor capabilities, you can catch the food and oven temperature separately. You can also get temperature readings in offline mode if you are up to 180 feet. Plus, it has an alarm system that notifies you of the cooking updates. 
  • Attachments: In the package, you’ll get one tappecue touch, 4 dual sensor probes, a power supply with charger, and a manual. 

Pros & Cons

  • Thanks to the easy configuration, it’s beginner friendly. 
  • Temperature alerts on your phone. 
  • Accurate readings anywhere, even offline.
  • It was expensive. 

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5. CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller & Thermometer

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Here comes another digital and mind-blowing wireless meat thermometer. This thermometer is easy to use, compact and small. Though it’s a small thermometer, it has fantastic features and advantages.

This thermometer can control your big-screen egg, smokey mountain, weber, or ceramic charcoal grill’s temperature just like an oven. Every time you’ll get delicious, juicy, and tender meat steak! 

The biggest advantage of this thermometer is the automatic temperature control. With this feature, you can monitor the cooking even without looking at it.

For beginners or professionals, this thermometer solves the temperature accuracy problem just like a pro!

You can even slow and long cook with this beautiful compact thermometer with specific temperature settings. Let us tell you, it also has WiFi control with a voice command system! 

Key Features

  • Temperature Control: This small thermometer comes with a digital thermometer probe that can monitor the very accurate temperature. The probe is rated to have a temperature up to 500°F. You can get temperature updates with the app ShareMyCook website. It’s a patented website by BBQ Guru. You can visually identify and monitor the cooking progress through the Wi-Fi-enabled device. Plus, in that app, you can get a detailed graph of cooking progress. 
  • Connectivity: You can connect the thermometer with the CyberQ WiFi cloud setting for constant cooking updates. Not only that, you can also use voice control for easy access. Amazon’s Alexa will be helpful here to manage and track the grill temperature anywhere. 
  • Functionality: Get rid of the chewy, over-fried, burnt meat from now on! With the CyberQ cloud’s food alert, you can receive a message or alarm after finishing your cooking. The innovative fan regulates the temperature precisely and automatically to generate the right amount of temperature and air. The thermometer is compatible with your charcoal or fire grill. 
  • Attachments: In this package, you’ll get an alligator clip, a digital and smartly built robust thermometer probe, a LED display, and a manual. 

Pros & Cons

  • This thermometer can maintain and control precise temperature. 
  • It can be connected to the WiFi cloud and Amazon’s Alexa. 
  • A large LED screen shows the updated temperatures. 
  • Not weatherproof. 

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6. Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer

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Now we have one of the best wireless meat thermometers for multiple pieces of meat. Just like the other wireless thermometers, you’ll get the updated temperature notification on your smartphone or tablet.

In this meat thermometer, you can add up to 6 probes to monitor six different meat portions at the same time. You can pair this thermometer with your iOS, Android, or iPad. 

The accuracy of temperature and stable monitoring of the meat make the delicious, savory, tender, and juicy meat. With USDA food recommendations, you can cook up to 11 kinds of food at high/low temperatures.

Once the cooking is finished you’ll receive a beep sound as an alarm. It’s very convenient to use and always serves delicious foods! 

Key Features

  • Design: The design of this thermometer is very compact and small. This one is a smart wireless thermometer with a large LED screen display. Plus, it has a strong magnet at the back to attach it conveniently to any surface like an oven or grill. It comes with 4 probes and you can add 2 more to monitor six different dishes. 
  • Temperature & Range: The temperature readings can go from 32°F – 572°F. The wire can withstand temperatures up to 716°F and the silicone handle can tolerate up to 482°F. The distance range is very impressive. For indoors it connects with Bluetooth approximately 100 feet and outdoors it becomes 170 feet. 
  • Functionality: In the thermometer the 11 types of food by USDA recommendations are pre-programmed. Set the temperature high/low as your recipe says and reset the temperature manually from your phone. You can connect the thermometer through Bluetooth with your phone. The thermometer will automatically connect to the phone. 
  • Attachments: In this package, you’ll get 4 stainless steel probes, a large LED display, and one manual. 

Pros & Cons

  • Easy and automatic connectivity through Bluetooth. 
  • It can monitor 4-6 meat pieces at one time.
  • With the magnetic back, you can attach it to any steel surface. 
  • Sometimes the alarm is hard to switch off. 

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7. Inkbird WiFi Grill Meat Thermometer

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Welcome the last but one of the most gorgeous wireless meat thermometers from the Inkbird.

The first thing we want to mention about this outstanding product is, it’s completely waterproof, so you can use it outdoors anytime you want.

Just like the previous product, this one is also magnetic and sticks to the steel surface of the oven or grill. Another bonus feature is that it has rechargeable batteries which can run for 40 hours with one full charge.

You can easily remote access your thermometer anywhere with your phone. It comes with three meat probes with one ambient probe.

You can monitor or check the temperature on your phone within 150 feet range. The display is large and the digits are large to read from afar.

The alarm notifies you once cooking is finished. Lastly, this thermometer boasts the accuracy of temperature that always serves the most fantastic meals. 

Key Features

  • Design: Thia model of Inkbird has a fantastic iPx3 rainproofing layer as it makes it water and weatherproof. It has a magnetic back that helps to attach it to any steel surface like an oven or grill. The thermometer comes with 4 probes with different color codes. 
  • Temperature & Range: After you connect the app and the thermometer, you can easily get the temperature readings. The temperature can be customized up to 32°F to 572°F. The distance range is 150 feet. So, within this range, you can easily check your updated temperatures. 
  • Battery: The thermometer comes with a 2000mAh Lithium battery that can last up to 40 hours with one single charge. The full charge can take about 3 hours. 
  • Connectivity: Just download the Inkbird app at first and the thermometer will automatically connect it with the app. Be careful that your WiFi must be over 2.4GHZ. The thermometer is easily changeable with any USB port like a charger, phone adapter, and laptop. 
  • Functionality: In this excellent thermometer, you can pre-set 12 types of foods with 5 types of doneness. Plus, it has a countdown timer that is extremely convenient for regular cooking. In addition, it also has a low and high alarm to notify about the cooking updates. 

Pros & Cons

  • Rechargeable batteries save money and struggle. 
  • The thermometer has the magnetic design to attach to any nearby steel surface. 
  • 12 pre-programmed foods with 5 types of doneness. 
  • The LED is hard to see in dark rooms. 

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Buying Guide

In this segment, we’ve given some features highlighted for you. Just keep in mind these features and for sure you’ll find the best wireless meat thermometer-

1. Probes

Make sure that your probe is long enough to cut deep into the meat to take a precise and accurate temperature.

Also, try to choose dual-probe thermometers because a single probe only gives the meat temperature, the ambient temperature will be ignored here.

Plus, if you host a big party, then you’ll need multiple probes to cook different types of meats. 

2. Display

The display depends on your preference. Some thermometers have a display attached to the end of the probe, so if you want to check the temperature, you need to open the grill every time to check.

The best models are those which have wires connected to the display through the probe. So, the display sits outside the grill or oven. 

3. Connectivity

Two types of connectivity are here. One is a remote connection to the probe and the second is an app connected to the thermometer that notifies your smartphone. Bluetooth or WiFi cloud connectivity is also available. 

4. Alarm

Make sure your chosen thermometer alerts you when the cooking is finished. It’s very necessary in case of any temperature change or automatic cooking finish signal. 

5. Temperature Range

Be careful that your picked digital thermometer can give both meat temperature and ambient temperature. For some cooking, aside from the meat temperature, the ambient temperature is also necessary.   

6. Distance Range

Try to find a thermometer with a wider range. According to your necessities, the distance range should be a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 300. The more distance, the better for outdoor grilling. 

7. Battery

Most of the models have standard and rechargeable batteries. Using traditional batteries is a hassle and they don’t last long. That’s why rechargeable batteries are recommended.  


Q: Are meat thermometers accurate?

Ans: Not always the meat thermometer gives accurate readings. That’s why you need to recalibrate your thermometer as directed in the manual.

To understand if the reading is proper, stick the probe into ice-cold water and hold it there for a minute. The reading should be 0°F to 32°F. If not, then recalibrate it. 

Q: How deep should I insert a meat thermometer? 

Ans: Poke the probe into 1/2 inches inside the meat for proper reading. Check the manual on how to get the perfect reading for your model. Remember to insert the probe at the very thick part of the meat. 

Q: Can you leave a meat thermometer in an oven while cooking?  

Ans: You can leave the thermometer in the oven only if the thermometer is built to withstand high temperatures. Otherwise, it’ll explode from the extreme heat. 


That’s all for today. We hope you have gotten the detailed idea and information about the best WiFi meat thermometer.

To add fun and taste to your parties, you shouldn’t miss the chance to show your expertise in grilling! Just insert your favorite thermometer in the meat and enjoy the party! Happy grilling!

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