Best Knife Set Under 200 Review & Buying Guide [Picks 2022]

The knife is an essential element of the kitchen. We use it to cut food or chopping eatables or other types of items from ancient times.

Nowadays, you will find a vast collection of knife sets available in the market, and it is one of the best parts that you have multiple choices to pick your desired one.

Although choosing the right one over multiple options may seem complicated, with proper guidance, you can even select the best knife set under 200 as well.

Top 10 Best Knife Set Under 200 review:

However, selecting the right one under a tight budget is the most challenging part of the purchasing process. So, to help you out, here we will review the 10-best knife set under 200 of our choice.

Here will cover every single necessary information, including the pros and cons of our selected knife set. So, without wasting any time, let’s start!!!

1. Home Hero Steak Knives Set of 8- Steak Knife Set

Home Hero Steak

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If you are tired of your regular knife that cannot cut steak, then the Home Hero Knife set is the right solution for you. This knife set is suitable to cut steak properly. 

The Home Hero Steak Knife set is made with modern technology, making it one of the best knife sets that give you a test of professionalism. While other blades are planes, the home hero blade is serrated.

For this reason, it can easily cut through bones and rough parts of your stake. This knife set contains 8-knives, and all of them are crafted from stainless steel.

Its handlebar is coated with a non-stick coating so that you can be free from stain problems. It is also dishwasher safe, and you don’t have to worry about rust spots on your blade.

In terms of durability, the knife is as durable as a stainless steel knife should be. Buying these steam knives will increase the value of your kitchen.

Knife Pros & Cons

  • The knife set contains 8-knives
  • Perfect for cutting steak
  • Made from stainless steel
  • You can wash these knives in the dishwasher
  • Its handlebars are coated with a non-stick coating
  • You will find it challenging to cut other food due to its edge

2. Cuisinart C77SS-15PK 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle

Cuisinart C77SS-15PK

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Cuisinart 15 piece stainless steel knife set is one kind of knife set that provides excellent durability. Again, this knife set’s style also increases the beauty of your kitchen.

Yet, it is one of the best knife set under 200, suitable for both home and commercial use. For being crafted from stainless steel, the knife is light weighted and durable for long-term services.

Furthermore, this knife set is containing 15 different types of knives. You will get six steak-cutting knives. These are 4.5 inches long.

And other knives are used in the home kitchen to cut vegetables, chicken, and other food items.

It also contains a knife storing box to decorate your knife and make your kitchen safe. Cuisinart C77SS-15PK has stainless steel handlebar, and this handle makes it comfortable to hold and gives a good grip.

We know a good grip is needed to cut anything with a knife so that you can rely on the Cuisinart knife set. The knife set is dishwasher safe, and you can wash all your knives in the dishwasher.

But don’t leave them in the dishwasher. Also, you will get a manual knife sharpener within this knife set.

Knife Pros & Cons

  • The knife set has 15 types of knife
  • It contains six stakes cutting knife
  • All the knives are made from stainless steel
  • The knives are waterproof
  • The knife set contains a knife storage box
  • The knife may slip if your hands are oily

3. Farberware 22-Piece Never Needs Sharpening Triple Rivet

Farberware 22-Piece

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If you are thinking of buying a knife set that doesn’t need sharpening for a long time, then Farberware never needs a sharpening triple rivet knife set should be your first choice.

Farberware created a knife set that will last for a long time without sharpening because, with the help of cutting-edge technology, the knife has been given a serration in the blade.

All the knives are of stainless steel construction, with exceptional durability. Due to stainless steel construction, they are also lightweight and easy to use, perfect for rookies starting cooking.

It is also an ideal knife set for beginners. Also, the knife set can be used by professional chefs. It has a variety of knives such as bread knives, steak cutting knives, chef knife and many more.

The chef knife is eight-inch long, and the blade is serrated.

Also, the bread knife is 8 inches and has 6-steak cutting knives. The knife set also contains a knife storage box and measuring spoons.

Its handle is coated and waterproof, and this gives you an upper hand in cooking.

Knife Pros & Cons

  • The knife set contains 22 different knives
  • The knives are made of stainless steel
  • The knifes blade have a slight serration
  • It contains a 6-steak cutting knife
  • This set has a knife storage box
  • The knife becomes rusty if you put it in the dishwasher

4. Cuisinart C77WTR-15P Classic Forged Triple Rivet

Cuisinart C77WTR

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Unique design and color make Cuisinart C77WTR one of the most stylish knives sets available. Cuisinart is one of the most renowned companies making a good quality knife for home and commercial uses.

This knife set is designed for that person that loves classic-type knives. It includes 15 different knives in one set, and you will get one eight-inch chef knife, one 8-inch bread slicing knife, a 7-inch santoku knife, a utility knife, a paring knife, and 6-steak cutting knives.

Also, within this set, you will get a stainless steel sharpener that you can use to sharpen your knives. These knives are of stainless steel construction.

Also, they contain high carbon bonding that makes them precious and accurate to use.

The handlebar is creamed color-coated, and they are waterproof. You will see the full tan knife is extra wide that helps you to cut. The set also has a knife storage box to store the knives.

Knife Pros & Cons

  • The knife set has a classic design
  • It contains 15 different types of knife
  • High carbon stainless steel used as the material to built 
  • A stainless sharpener is included in the set
  • The knife storage box is added to store purpose
  • The knife set does not allow dishwasher safe

5. Farberware 4-Piece Full-Tang Triple Rivet

Farberware 4-Piece

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Farberware is creating a good quality full tang steak knife set for steak lovers, so if you are one of them, you should buy this full-tang Tripple rivet knife set.

As it is a Full Tang knife set, you will feel comfortable while cutting steak.

Through cutting-edge technology, far beware knives have been created to cut stakes without any problem of stickiness. This Full Tang knife set contains four 4.5 inch steak cutting knives.

In terms of durability, all the knives are of stainless steel construction, and the stainless steel has high carbon bonding.

Also, the knife is waterproof, so you can wash them easily but don’t keep them in water, or they will rust.

The handle of the knives has a coating, giving you a firm grip and no worries of oil and leftover sticking on your knife’s handle. Its blade is serrated, so you will not have to sharpen them from time to time.

Knife Pros & Cons

  • Its blade is serrated, so no worry about sharpening the knives
  • The knives are 
  • 4.5″ long
  • Made out of stainless steel
  • 4-stake cutting knives in one set
  • The blades are waterproof
  • The blades would get rusty if you left them in water

6. Mueller Deluxe Knife Set With Block, Stainless Steel

Mueller Deluxe Knife

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Mueller is a famous company making the best quality kitchen knife. They have been producing a good quality knife and ensuring their customer happiness for more than a decade.

Mueller Deluxe knife set is one of the best products of Mueller, and this knife set comes with a beautiful Acrylic stand. Also, the knives are sharp as a knife can get.

This knife set containing 7-different knives, but it also has another variant that includes 17 pieces of knives in one set. This knife set is very condign, and you can count them as one of the best knife set under 200.

Because it has different types of knives in one set, suck as a chef’s knife, bread cutting knife two small knives for cutting small food items.

The knives have been created from stainless steel with a high carbon mixture, making them versatile and lightweight.

Also, the knife set can resist rust, corrosion also. Its color will not go away quickly. Its handle contains coating, which will give you a comfortable grip.

Knife Pros & Cons

  • The knife set contains 7-different knives
  • The set contains an Acrylic stand
  • Crafted from stainless steel
  • The blade is easy to use and versatile
  • It is waterproof with coated handle 
  • The knife set doesn’t have a steak cutting knife

7. Chicago Cutlery Essentials Stainless Steel Knife

Chicago Cutlery Essentials

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If you are looking to buy an essential stainless steel knife block set that will fulfill all of your needs in the kitchen, you should look into the Chicago cutlery essentials stainless steel knife block set.

This knife set contains 15 pieces of knives that are different from one another. This knife set includes one chef’s knife, one break cutting knife, one 7 inch santoku, six serrated 4.5-inch steak cutting knives, three pealing knives, and three half-inch pairing knives.

Also, you will get a block knife storage box that will help you store your knife and keep a count of them. The knife blades are equipped with the latest taper grind technology, thus makes the blade sharper than other blades.

The knives comprise high carbon stainless steel for durability and long-lasting endurance, and they are waterproof, making them easy to clean and wash.

Knife Pros & Cons

  • The set includes 15 pieces of knives
  • All the knives are full tang
  • The handles are coated and give a firm grip
  • The knives contain stainless steel construction
  • It has a knife storage block box
  • The knifes blades get rusty after some washes

8. Cuisinart C55-12PCER1 Advantage Color Collection

Cuisinart C55-12PCER1

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If you are fond of colorful things, and you want your kitchen knife to be colorful as well, then the Cuisinart C55-23PCER1 advantage color knife set will be best for you.

Because Cuisinart’s advantage knife set contains 12 pieces of knives, these knives are colorful, but they are as sharp as a blade can be.

The knives have a ceramic coating, so you don’t need not worry about food discoloration.

They are crafted from stainless steel, and it contains high carbon bonding, thus makes these knife versatile and accurate.

The set doesn’t include any storage box, but every knife comes with a protective pouch.

Once your finish cutting, wash it and put it back in its pouch. They are washable, and this knife is free from rust and carnosine.

The set contains one chef’s knife, one santoku, a bread slicing knife, two paring knives, and a slicing knife.

All the knife is made for multipurpose, with the chef’s knife you and slice vegetable also you can mince mutton. The handlebar is also ceramic coated. It gives a better grip and has no problem with stick food.

Knife Pros & Cons

  • The set contains 12 knives
  • They feature stainless steel construction
  • The knives are coated with colorful ceramic coating
  • The handle is also coated and gives a good grip
  • The knife can be used for various purposes rather than slicing
  • It doesn’t have a knife storage box

9. Cuisinart C77TR-15P Triple Rivet Collection

Cuisinart C77TR-15P

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Cuisinart is a renowned company that has been making good quality knife sets for more than a decade. They are consistently making their customer happy and satisfied with their products.

Cuisinart C77TR-15P Triple Rivet is one of the best knife set for beginners and also for chefs. In this set, you will get 15 pieces of knife storage in a knife storage box.

The knife set includes a sharp chef’s knife, one 7 inch santoku, one slicing knife, two paring knives, one bread slicing knife, and six 4.5 inch serrated steak cutting knives.

The stainless steel is used here to make the knife, and it makes them lightweight and versatile to use. The knife blade contains high carbon stainless steel, making them durable and long-lasting.

The handle is full tang and coated, and this makes holding the knife comfortable. With this set, you get a knife storing box that will help you count your knife and keep them in a safe place.

Knife Pros & Cons

  • The handle is coated and full tang
  • This knife contains stainless steel construction
  • A set contains 15 pieces of knife
  • The knives have a safety bolster
  • It includes a knife storage box
  • The handlebar is not durable.

10. TRENDS Premium Steak Knives Double Forged

TRENDS Premium Steak

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Looking to buy a set of steak cutting knife then you may look into the Trends premium steak knife set. The set contains 6-serrated knives that are 5 inches long and durable enough to cut steak properly.

Trend provides value for money knife to satisfy their users. The knives are made from stainless steel with a high carbon mixture, making them durable and easy to use.

This versatile knife is perfect for home use. Also, you can use them in restaurants. The blades are serrated, and they do not require any sharpening. The longevity of the knives is very well.

This knife has a unique triple reverse rivet design that gives an excellent look to the knives. Also, the knives have a safety bolster that makes using them safely.

The handle features coating and makes no slippery, and so it gives a good grip while cutting stakes.

Knife Pros & Cons

  • The knife has a safety bolster
  • The handlebar is equipped with a triple rivet design
  • Its blades are serrated and don’t require sharpening
  • A set contains 6-steak cutting knifes
  • They are made from high carbon stainless steel
  • The serrated blades are bigger, thus makes cutting steak a bit uncomfortable

Buying Guide

A sharp made out of good material knife can enhance the cutting quality of a person. The knife is used in the home, restaurants, and many other places.

So choosing a knife that is perfect for you may seem easy but without proper knowledge. One can waste his money on the wrong product, so it is better to learn before buying any knife.

To buy a knife set under 200, you will have to check on its materials, handle, storage box, blade, and some blades you will get in one set.

Know about all these parts, and then you can choose the right knife set for yourself.


The blade is the most valuable part of a Stick knife because all the work depends on it. So making sure that the blade is sharp enough to slice through vegetables, fruits, stakes, mutton is essential.

Mostly the knife is made from regular steel and stainless steel, and a stainless steel blade is better than a typical steel blade. So make sure that the knife you buy is of stainless steel construction.

Moreover, Stainless steel has some qualities, such as it will not attract rush and will not be damaged by corrosion. For this reason, everyone prefers stainless steel blades.


We hold a knife through its handle, so you will face difficulty using that knife if it is not comfortable enough to hold. So choosing comfortable is a wise decision.

The handlebars are made from wood and steel. Also, some are having a non-stick coating as well. The wooden handle doesn’t last long because wood socks water, and the handlebar get nasty after some usage.

For better uses, ergonomic handles are mostly preferable. What type of handle you choose, just make sure that it is dishwasher safe.

Number of Knives

A set of knives may contain 8 to 15 knives or more. Some knife set has a particular knife, and some have a various knife in one set. You will find every type of knife set for your needs.

Such as if you want a steak knife set, vegetable knife set, or a knife set for home purposes. We recommend that you should buy a knife set which provides a different knife.

Buying a knife set with many knives is not preferable in that place if you buy a knife set containing different types of knives, you will be pleased with its service, or you can choose according to your needs.

Storage Box

Some knife set comes with a storage box, and some provide just the knife. To enhances the beauty of your kitchen, a knife box is significant. Also, you can keep count of your knife and store them properly.

Also, the knife is not such a thing to keep in the open; you or someone may get hurt, so we recommend you buy a knife set that provides a storage box.

Best Knife Set Under 200 Products Features:


Q: What type of sharpener is best for knives? 

Answer: There are many kinds of sharpeners available for use, some are manual, and some are electric. An electric knife sharpener will Sharpe your knife faster than a manual knife sharpener, but you will not be able to use it all the time.

However, a manual knife sharpener comprises stainless steel. They are perfect to use and also easy to carry where ever you want. Everyone prefers such a manual knife sharpener.

Q: When will I have to Sharpe my knives?

Ans: Before using a knife, you have to check its sharpness. If the knife is not sharp, you may not be able to cut your food or other items.

So if you see that your knife is unable to cut vegetables and it doesn’t have the consistency, then it is time for you to sharpen your knife.

Q: Professional chefs prefer what type of knives?

Ans: The knife is considered one of the essential elements in cooking, so there is no doubt that a good quality knife is the base platform for better cooking.

Professionalism peeks through the knife. And so professionals prefer chef’s kniveswhich are sharp and made from high-quality steel.

Q: Why are Japanese knives so special?

Ans: Every county has its specialty in terms of knives. Japanese is no different from them. Japanese knives are durable, sharp also handy. For this reason, an expert chef and also a beginner can easily use the knife.

Japanese knives are also lightweight, and they are constructed of stainless steel.

On the other hand, western knives are a little heavy, and it requires skill to use them properly. For these reasons, most of the person prefer Japanese knives.

Q: Are expensive knife sets worth it?

Ans: It depends upon your use. If you want a knife set for your home purpose, we suggest that you buy a middle-cost knife set, but if you’re going to use them in your restaurant or as a professional chef knife, you can buy an expensive knife set.

Almost every person recommends that a knife set under 200is the perfect choice for home use.


Choosing a suitable knife set that satisfies your daily need will bring joy to your life. If you buy an expensive knife set of no use, you will waste all the money.

So it is better to know about the knife set and choosing the perfect set for your help. Using at home or use the knife set anywhere you like, the knife will satisfy you.

We tried to give out the best information on this article, hope it will help you find the best knife set under 200. You will not have to face any problem choosing the right knife set.

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