Best Grill Press Review and Buying Guide [Picks 2022]

A grill press is a small, handy appliance for pressing food on a griddle or skillet as it cooks. Anyone who enjoys grilling would love this piece of kitchen equipment.

Grill press allows you to give a fancy brown stripe on your food wholly and evenly on all sides. This equipment is well worth your beef grilling or other meat-based cuisine preparation. 

Grill press aids in maximizing taste and turning out the meat without scorching the surface of the meat. The exterior of your steaks will have char marks on them after a complete pre-heating of the grill press.

When seeking the best grill press, check our selection of the finest grill presses, including a buying guide to help you make the correct pick.

Are Grill Presses Worth it?

Meat steaks, seared steaks, crispy fillets, grilled chicken, and sandwiches are all popular choices these days.

Therefore, we can claim that the grill press is a must-have kitchen accessory in such a scenario.

A grill press, commonly known as a bacon press, is a culinary appliance used to make bacon. It is a device that flattens food by heating it evenly across the press.

The grill press works by pressing down the meat to precisely cook on all sides. 

Top 10 Best Grill Presses: 

There are many available grill presses in the market, but they are not the same. Grill presses are available in two different materials: cast iron and stainless steel.

And not only just materials, but they are coming in various sizes and shapes. So here we shortlisted the 10 best grill presses with detailed information and key features. 

01. Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press

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If you are looking for a grill press that extracts your food’s raw and overdone portions, this is for you.

The Bellemain cast iron grill press provides the best grilling experience, whether grilling steaks or bacon.

Consistent temperature control makes this grill press more noteworthy since it preserves the flavor of the food while cooking.

You can even season this cast iron like you would a pan with pre-heat to improve its nonstick function.

Moreover, this grill press’s excellent stay-cool handle protects your food from overheating and allows you to experience an effortless method of grilling.

This well-designed press is made of heavy-duty cast iron and weighs 3 pounds. This cast iron grill press is far faster than any other press type.

As a result, you will be able to make your meals more quickly and effectively; it’ll save you time.

Key Features:

  • This cast iron is easy to operate.
  • It comes with a cool stay handle.
  • This item is 3.02 in weight.
  • Using this cast iron grill press can save your time.
  • It is made with heavy-duty cast iron material.

02. Cuisinart CGPR-221 Cast Iron Grill Press

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When it comes to getting rid of extra fat from your food, the Cuisinart CGPR-221 Cast Iron Grill Press is the best thing to use.

This grill press is not only convenient, but it’s also healthier and faster than other options on the market. 

Using this grill press’s significant advantage is its ability to cook two burgers at once, which saves your time and makes excellent grill marks on your delicacy.

This cast iron grill press has a fantastic wooden grip that allows you to grill your food quickly. Also, the ridged surface of the grill press leaves nicely laid out diagonal char marks once it has absorbed enough heat. 

This 2.8-pound cast iron grill press has a fashionable appearance and is ideal for use with a large skillet.

Frequently grilling lovers will appreciate this grill press for its long-lasting durability.

It’s simple to wash, so you don’t have to worry much while using this kitchen equipment. After washing, just be sure to dry it as soon as possible. 

Key Features:

  • It is a Time-saving grill press.
  • It comes with a Stylish appearance.
  • This grill press has a Comfortable Grip.
  • The price of this grill press is Affordable.
  • It features a heavy wooden handle.

03. Norpro 8.75-Inch Cast Iron Bacon Press

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It’s hard to find a large enough frying surface for many bacon cooks. For this, you can use this Norpro 8.75-Inch Cast Iron Bacon Press since it has more than enough cooking surface, which is why we included it here as the best grill press.

To use this bacon press, you don’t have to worry about how hot the cooking surface is for its wooden handle features that stay cool throughout cooking.

This cast iron bacon press allows you to cook many bacon strips simultaneously while still preserving their form and cooking them evenly. 

It comes in a round shape and weighs roughly 2.99 pounds, making it ideal for your pan skillets. Also, it is worth reducing the extra fat content of your steaks or burgers.

This Norpro cast iron bacon press works well as a steak press to retain the juices and flavor. Using this bacon press outside on the campfire, skillets, or grills will be great.

Even if you have never used a grill before, you can season your grill with minimal effort if you follow the instructions on the packaging.

Key Features:

  • This cast iron bacon press can cook different types of meat.
  • It has a Stay-cool wooden handle.
  • This bacon press is made with durable material.
  • It comes with a seasoning guide.
  • Its weight is around 2.99 pounds.

04. New Star Foodservice 4252 Bacon Press

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The new star Food Service bacon press is highly convenient and comfortable to operate. It is a lightweight bacon press with two size options 4.25 × 8.25 or 5.25 × 9.25 inches and 2.6 pounds.

The wooden handle makes this kitchen equipment both pleasant to hold and safe to use because it remains cool during the cooking process. It is particularly well-suited to the skillet on a BBQ grill.

Once the grill is up to temperature, it assists in cooking all sides of your meat while keeping the meat in direct contact with the hot surface for a reasonably predictable prep.

This press works well with meats, bacon, and other Patties. Overall, this tool is an excellent purchase because of its long-term durability.

Also, if your budget is less than $13, you can buy this for your everyday needs, and it will be well worth your money. 

Key Features:

  • It’s a budget-friendly grill press. 
  • It comes with a comfortable wooden handle.
  • Easy to use for its stay-cool handle.
  • You can clean this bacon press easily.
  • It’s very lightweight. 

05. Jim Beam Stainless Steel Cast Iron Meat Press

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This Jim Beam Stainless Steel Cast Iron Meat Press is ideal for grilling their seafood the same way they would meat.

With this cast iron meat press, you can prepare whatever kind of meat or seafood you like.

It has a beautiful spiral stainless steel handle that lets you move the press around quickly and provides a good grip when grilling.

Even though it comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, you can use it right out of the box.

When purchasing it, you don’t have to bother about its long-term durability since it is made with high-quality cast iron that’s also food safe.

This item is 2.621 pounds in weight. For its elegant and unique design, it will make a stunning addition to your home’s kitchen. 

However, this stainless steel cast iron meat press from Jim Beam is an excellent option for individuals who like steaks regularly. 

Key Features: 

  • It’s ready to use for being pre-seasoned with vegetable oil.
  • This press has to stay cool handle.
  • It comes in a stylish design.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It’s comfortable to work with.

06. Lodge LGPR3 Cast Iron Round Grill Press

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The Lodge LGPR3 Cast Iron Round Grill Press is another well-known brand of pre-seasoned best grill press that is worth having in your kitchen.

This cast iron grill press is made with a stainless-steel handle instead of a wooden one and can properly press down meat.

Also, its spiral handle makes grilling both robust and pleasant and can protect your hands from being burned. 

This 7.5-inch circular cast iron grill press offers enough surface area to cook ham, chicken breasts, or bacon.

After unpacking, you can use it right away because it’s naturally pre-seasoned with oil. Thanks to its press features, it can remove the extra grease from your meats or burgers.

Again, using this tool for grilling won’t disappoint you since it operates brilliantly over a campfire, stove, and oven.

You can use this grilling equipment even if you’re a novice; it will provide you with the greatest grilled pleasure from the very first time.

Key Features: 

  • Using this can eliminate fat from the meat.
  • It will be the best for flattering hams and bacon. 
  • This item is pre-seasoned.
  • It has a strong stainless steel spiral grip.
  • Made with heavy-duty cast iron.

07. Victoria Cast Iron Grill Press

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Victoria Cast Iron Grill Press is a must-have all-around choice for your kitchen tool for batch cooking.

This Cast iron grill press can effectively shorten your cook time in half for smaller, fattier slices like bacon.

Its cool-touch handle can be replaced by unscrewing the screws that hold it to the base, making it easy to switch out.

Also, this cast iron grill press can be pretty helpful in reducing unwanted fat from your meat. This grill press is seasoned with flaxseed oil and straight to use, saving you time and effort.

In addition, the bottom surface distributes heat evenly, resulting in flawlessly cooked food. Its weight is around 2.15 pounds, which is lightweight and enough for you to cook a large meal.

Likewise, this item is effortless to clean; all you need is soap and water. For people who prefer grilling, it will be a great pick. 

Key features:

  • It can save your cooking time.
  • This grill press is pre-seasoned with 100% non-GMO flaxseed oil.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • This grill press comes with a cool-touch wooden handle.
  • It distributes the heat evenly. 

08. Charcoal Companion CC5159 Cast Iron Grill Marks Press

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Charcoal Companion CC5159 Cast Iron Grill Marks Press is one of the most incredible high-heat Grill presses on our list for any barbecue setup. This deserving kitchen item can keep the meat moist.

Also, this grill press heats evenly to provide a delicious finish and can be used in a smaller skillet or pan. The grill press can give your delicacies the most spectacular grill markings. 

However, this features a sturdy cast iron construction and is perfect for hash browns, quesadillas, sausage, burgers, ham, sandwiches, and bacon.

This cast iron grill marks press is around 2.88 pounds to press the extra oils and fats from the meat. Because it’s a little sloppy, make sure you adjust it appropriately before using it.

Again, this will be an excellent option to make food succulent and flattering your meat in a small pan.

Key Features:

  • It can make unique grill marks.
  • It’s able to work on a smaller skillet or pan.
  • It can lock the moisture of food.
  • It comes with a pattern bottom surface.
  • Sturdy cast iron is used as a material.

09. The Burger Iron Stainless Steel Burger Smasher

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The stainless steel burger smasher from Burger Iron is an excellent substitute to cook burger patties with perfection.

Smooth polished stainless steel hinders the rust resistance from making it a burger smasher. It is easy to use since it has a pleasant grip that does not allow it to slip from your hand. 

This product is a handy 6″ circular suited for pans and skillets in the home setting.

Also, the burger iron burger smasher weighs around 15 ounces and has a strong smashing ability that includes making the crispiest and thinnest burger possible.

The best approach to utilize during cooking is to wipe clean the handle from the oil splatters. Dishwasher-safe soap and water are all that’s needed to clean this burger smasher.

Key Features: 

  • It is rustproof.
  • The handle is made of wood and is quite comfortable.
  • It is light weighted.
  • Best suited for burgers.
  • It’s manufactured with polished stainless steel.

10. Geesta Smash Burger Press

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Another best grill press on this list is the Geesta smash burger press with an extensive surface area.

This smash burger press is built with heavy stainless steel, and its weight is about 1.28 pounds. Even though this Pro’s pricing is a touch expensive, its rustproof feature makes it a great purchase.

This tool is easier to hold and made with an ergonomic wooden handle. This product’s measurements are 5.5 by 5.5 inches, which are compatible with the surfaces of skillets and pans.

Also, you can use this culinary tool to get rid of the fat while retaining the flavor of your meat.

It’s a dishwasher-safe burger press, so if you are lazy with kitchen clean-up, this burger press would be an excellent purchase for you. In the end, it’s a fantastic option for BBQ enthusiasts. 

Key Features: 

  • It features with thermal insulated, ergonomic handle.
  • It’s a rustproof tool.
  • Dishwasher safe and simple to wash.
  • It can work with pans and surfaces.
  • It’s durable and long-lasting.

11. Winco Stainless Steak Weight

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You can use this Winco Stainless steak weight for getting eligible heat while cooking. It can withstand temperatures of up to 450°F, enough to prepare great healthy meat.

It has a heat-silicone handle and is made of stainless steel. Additionally, the handle of this steak weight remains cold throughout cooking, protecting you from getting hand burns. 

The Winco Stainless Steak has no ridges on the surface, making it easy to use, and it is dishwasher safe to be cleaned quickly.

It weighs roughly 2 pounds with 7.7 x 4.5 x 2.9 inches that can work equally well in both round and square skillets.

When it comes to its design, I can say that this steak weight is more fashionable than others, and it will provide a touch of refinement to your cooking space.

If you plan to utilize it to make patties, meats, and steaks, this will be the best option.

Key Features: 

  • Worth commercial use.
  • Stay cool with heat resistant silicone handle.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It is made with high 18/8 stainless steel.
  • The design is classier.

12. GadgetWiz Enameled Bacon Press

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For those looking for a high-quality best grill press at a reasonable price, The GadgetWiz Enameled Bacon Press is the most acceptable option.

The enamel coating of this bacon press distinguishes it from the competition since it eliminates the need to season it, saving you’re a lot of time.

This product has a stylish wooden grip that is comfortable to hold, and even you don’t need to wear cooking gloves during the cooking process.

Thanks to its large workable size of 7.9 x 2.5 inches, it is ideally suited for use with cast iron skillets, nonstick pans, and grill tops, among other things, and suitable on an induction stove, gas, and electric.

As a bonus, this bacon press stops the bacon from curling and allows the juicy flavor to extend to the borders of the pan. It is beneficial for cooking bacon.

When it comes to the cleanliness of this press, there is no need to be bothered because it is dishwasher safe.

Key Features: 

  • It has a cool-touch handle with a Comfortable Grip.
  • Easy to clean for its safe dishwasher features.
  • This bacon press can remove the extra fat from your meat.
  • It comes with an enamel coating to save your time
  • A Non-corrosive bacon press.

13. Homenote Griddle Accessories Kit

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Another highly recommended kitchen tool for conveniently and easily grilling your meat is the Homenote Griddle Accessories kit.

It features a stainless steel dome and a gorgeous wooden handle. The Homenote Griddle Accessories Kit comes with an ergonomic knob too. 

This item has a diameter of 12 inches and can be used to cover a variety of foods, including numerous patties and hamburgers.

It’s perfect for flattening your bacon while maintaining its form during cooking. 

Furthermore, it distributes heat equally throughout the dish during the cooking process, ensuring that the meat cooks perfectly and cheese melts and veggies are steamed with perfection.

This kit weighs around 3.9 pounds, and the knob is not bothered if you are using it to add or basting moisture to your steaks while grilling.

Its cast-iron construction helps to remove excess fat from your meats and helps to shorten cooking time because it can cover large items in a single batch.

It is the finest alternative to consider if you are trying to grill your meat from scratch for the first time. 

Key Features:

  • Heat-resistant wooden handle.
  • It features a multi-purpose steam dome.
  • Made with heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • Can distribute heat evenly.
  • This item is easy to clean.

14. Lodge Flat Iron Grill press

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The Lodge Flat Iron Grill press is another deserving kitchen accessory on our list with excellent features.

This Grill press is ideal if you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen because it can prepare two or three burgers or patties at a time.

Despite being pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, you can use it directly out of the box. This lodge flat iron grill press is 8.25 inches square and has a classic black appearance.

You can use this flat iron grill press in combination with a skillet to provide both bottom and top searing at the same time.

Also, this flat ion grill press removes excess fat from ham strips, meat, and bacon with ease. 

To clean, just rinse the surface with hot water and scrub with a firm bristle brush. Apply a slight coating of cooking oil to the surface shortly after drying.

Being oven safe and capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 500 degrees is ideal for grilling regularly.

Key Features:

  • This item comes with a big bottom surface.
  • It is oven safe.
  • It can work with skillets and griddle pans.
  • This is well-balanced and has a good weight.
  • Pre-seasoned features make it ready to use after buying.

15. Pipe Burger Patty Maker and Grill Press

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For a magazine-worthy burger or stuffed burger, this Pipe Burger Patty Maker and Grill Press is the ultimate choice.

It’s the best travel-friendly and campers picks thanks to its 5 inches diameter size. This burger patty maker and grill press are aluminum-resistant to high temperatures.

For cooking meat to its fullest potential, this grill press can also heat all sides of the meat.

In particular, this hamburger maker press is dishwasher friendly and simple to clean.

It can keep your hands clean and oil-free while preparing burgers for anything from a modest to large family supper to a backyard BBQ.

This grill has a wooden handle that is simple to use and is made of durable materials.

Key Features: 

  • It’s a dishwasher-safe grill press. 
  • Made with rugged aluminum.
  • It’s an excellent pick for making veggie burgers.
  • One of the most portable and lightweight grill presses.
  • The wooden handle made it more durable. 

Buying Guide

Although many people use the grill press daily, we do not purchase it frequently since we want to utilize it for an extended period once we buy it.

Moreover, several options are available on the market, making it challenging to choose which one is the best grill press option for you. 

For your convenience, we’ve included a few aspects to consider so you can pick the appropriate grill press for you.


The best grill presses are often made of cast iron, and these presses are an excellent choice to buy.

Using a cast iron grill press will have the most satisfactory results in heat retention and distributing heat evenly on top of the food during cooking.

Again, cast iron grill presses have the long-term durability of using. Hence, we consider that cast iron grill presses are superior to others. 

Other grill presses are composed of stainless steel, and utilizing these grill presses is easy for frequent maintenance. Also, these grill presses are simple to clean because they are rust-resistant.


When purchasing a new grill press, you should constantly keep the handle in mind. It’s crucial to have a comfortable handle when cooking since it helps you have a better cooking experience and saves your time.

When selecting the best grill press, the handle should be at least 2 inches long, and also, a too-short handle can be challenging to hold the Grip during cooking.

You can go with the stay cool-touch handle as it provides a pleasant grip and is safe to use. Most grill presses come with wooden handles that are also ideal for you because they don’t conduct heat and are simple to use.

Size and shape:

Grill presses come in various shapes and sizes, but the Round one is ideal for grilling meals in a frying pan.

Rectangular grill presses are precisely the correct size when cooking on a grill. A grill press is typically 8 inches by 4 inches in length.

Grill presses with a surface area of around 40 square inches can accommodate two or more items at a time. 

Choosing a big grill press will allow you to cook more meals at a time. But sometimes, the bigger grill presses act like lids, trapping heat between the food bits.

Buying a grill press with a surface size of 30 square inches is the most appropriate choice.


The weight of the grill press should be in the middle of being able to properly cook the food while still being light enough to carry.

Both too heavy and too light presses have the disadvantage to using.

In general, a grill press weighing 1.5 to 2.5 pounds is ideal for getting the optimum taste of meat, and you can easily hold this weight of grill press at the time of cooking. 

Ease of cleaning:

You must clean the grill press after each use. Cleaning certain grill presses can be a total hassle because some are hard to wash.

So, you should check the cleaning factor at the time of purchase. Looking for one grill press that is easy to clean and dishwasher safe is the smart move while purchasing.


Q: How do you grill hamburgers on a press?

Ans: According to studies, around 25 million hamburgers are consumed in the United States yearly.

Essentially, this is one of the most often consumed foods on the food market. However, some people make hamburgers using a hamburger press or stove.

Making hamburgers with a grill press gives you a better experience too. It is because grilling hamburgers in a grill press enhances their taste and can turn them soft from the tender.

Make sure not to press too hard on loosely packed meat when using a grill press for cooking hamburgers.  

Q: How to Use a grill Press?

Ans: No matter how good the quality of the grill presser is, to get the best grill press experience on your own, first, fit the skillet on the press before grilling any food or meat.

Apply a thin coating of vegetable shortening to cover the press, then season it to your preference.

It will enhance the flavor of your food if you use a press that has already been a season with seasonings. The next step is to heat the press by placing it into the pan.

Once the press has warmed up, remove it. The prepared meal can then be placed on the skillet to be grilled.

Apply pressure on both sides of the meal immediately after transferring the press to the food. It’s all done.

Q: Do bacon presses work?

Ans: Yes, the bacon press is worth for the make bacon. The bacon press weight removes the bacon from curling and makes nice strips and attractive bacon.

The bacon press is usually made with cast iron that gives excellent conducted heat for promoting and browning the bacon.

Also, the wood handle bacon press keeps your hand safe from burning. For cooking bacon press, washes it with warm water avoid using soap or detergent.

Apply a generous coating of flaxseed oil to the cast iron surface to coat it. Next, transfer the bacon press to the baking sheet; at this point, you can use a cookie sheet also.

Keep it for 1 hour in a 35o degree oven. After that, switch off the oven and leave the bacon pressed until it cools down.

Q: Do burger presses work?

Ans: A burger press is a tiny and useful kitchen gadget that is well worth investing in if you plan on cooking a large number of burgers.

Another advantage of using a burger press is the possibility of pressing more meat together.

It is possible to manufacture burgers in various sizes with these presses. Additionally, it is available for purchase at a reasonable price.

Q: Do I need a panini press?

Ans: Not at all, it is a terrible idea for your kitchen. Toasting and grilling both sides of a sandwich in a Panini press is typically all required of the device.

As a general rule, it’s OK to use it on hot sandwiches or buttered wafers, but it may be problematic when making the crusts crisper by rubbing the pan on the bread, which isn’t very appealing. Additionally, some of the larger Panini presses are too pricey.

Final Verdict

Using the proper grill press or bacon press during the cooking process is the key to having the best grill press experience possible.

These little tools can improve and bring out the flavors in your foods, such as meat.

Some grill presses are truly worth their weight in metal when it comes to producing delicious and high-quality meat by evenly distributing heat across the dish.

Additionally, the grill press is unbeatable when making buffer, patties, and steaks, among other things.

In the following section, we presented a selection of the top grill presses. Consider this; you will see that it is pretty valuable to pick the best one.

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