Best Gas Grill under 200 Review & Buying Guide [Picks 2022]

The usage of a gas grill has recently become increasingly popular in barbecue. The smoky smell of grilled food can fascinate anyone.

Grilling foods necessitates using a gas grill to adequately cook your food and deliver the best grilling results. However, such grills can be quite costly, and if you don’t grill frequently, they may not seem worthwhile. 

Yet, fantastic gas grills can find in various price ranges, which is what I am here to assist you in. This comprehensive post lists the best gas grill under 200.

You can also find a buying guide that might assist you in selecting what it is that you require within this post.

Is a Propane Grill The Same As a Gas Grill?

Propane grills use canisters or cylinders that carry liquefied gas, rather than a gas line attached to the grill, as their fuel source. Propane gas is a byproduct of natural gas and petroleum transfer and manufacture.

On the other hand, a gas grill utilizes a mains gas supply, much like an oven and hob. It is a gas-powered grill burner. Methane and other hydrocarbons, such as hydrogen, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide make up the bulk of natural gas.

Best Gas Grill under $200

Below, I compiled a list of the Best Gas Grill under 200, with different sizes and features to make sure there’s something for everyone. Find out which choice is best for you by reading on.

01. Flame King – YSNHT500 Mounted Gas Grill

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If you take your culinary talents to the next level, buying a high-quality gas grill like the Flame King RV Grill will be great.

Because of its unique mounting features, this gas grill can go on almost any motorhome or RV. Also, the mounting bracket is further secured by locking retention pins.

Since it uses the LP gas system already in the RV, firing up the grill is a breeze. The included hanging rack, which can be used as legs, allows you to easily carry this gas grill from one spot to another.

This grill’s flame can regulate and provide up to 12000 BTUs of heat. Moreover, this appliance has a 214-square-inch cooking surface, making it excellent for preparing large meals.

This grill comes with an instruction manual for simple storage. With dual locking lids, you can store your food safely on this gas grill.

Key Features

  • This grill doesn’t require assembly and is easy to use
  • It is convenient to use
  • This grill comes with dual locking lids
  • It has a large 214 square cooking space
  • There is an adjustable flame controller

02. Cuisinart CGG-240 all Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill

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With its exquisite design, the Cuisinart CGG-240 will be the best gas grill under 200. The 240 square cooking surface provides the capacity of a large barbecue while remaining portable.

This grill’s folding, the roll-away cart makes it easy to transport even to the beach. In addition, it is made of double-walled stainless steel and has a 15000 BTU burner capable of adequately heating your food.

It also heats up rapidly and offers excellent meat, poultry, fish, and vegetable grilling outcomes. Even if you open the cover to rotate food, the heat on this grill rapidly recovers.

Thanks to the integrated hood thermometer, you can better regulate the temperature on this gas grill. This gas grill’s twist-to-start ignition technology makes it simple to start.

The two side tables can tuck away neatly when not in use. In addition to the wheels, this grill has a collapsible stand.

Key Features

  • This grill comes with handles that stay cool
  • There is a large wheel in this grill for easy transport
  • It is easy to store 
  • This gas grill can heat up fast
  • It is a built-in temperature gauge

03. Giantex Portable Gas Grill

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This Giantex Portable Gas Grill is available for the most excellent stainless steel tabletop gas grill. The 20,000 total Btu output results from a well-balanced design and raw grilling performance.

With its adjustable knob, this grill can attain a high temperature quickly in a couple of seconds.

Furthermore, the cooking surface space of this grill is 22 inches by 18 inches by 15 inches and can accommodate a decent number of dishes all at once.

This grill has two ignition buttons—one that you press and one that you turn—to assist with quick and simple starts.

Folding leg features make this grill excellent for several settings, including picnics, camping vacations, and dinner parties.

This grill is simple to put up because it just requires the included hardware. It’s made of steel, which is sturdy and easy to maintain.

Key features

  • This grill comes with a locking lid and foldable legs.
  • It’s portable and easy to carry along.
  • A high-quality stainless steel structure ensures long-term usefulness.
  • This grill has a temperature controller.
  • There are two push and turn ignition buttons.

04. U-MAX 4-Burner Portable Propane Gas Grill

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This U-MAX 4-Burner gas grill comes with a pre-seasoned skillet, ideal for preparing lunch, dinner, and even morning.

It is equipped with four high-power burners, each of which has a BTU output of 15,000 and each of which can be individually adjusted.

It’s possible to cook a variety of dishes simultaneously time because the heat zones and burners can change.

The chrome-coated steel construction of this gas grill confers heat and corrosion resistance. This grill has a big cooking surface of 564 square inches, sufficient for a large family.

Using this grill, you have the option of warming meals while you complete other preparations. This gas grill is powered by a standard 20-pound tank that connects to the gas connecting tubing kit under the left side.

The right and left side tables give you more space to prepare food, and the barbecue cart on wheels is easy to fold up and move.

Key Features

  • It has 60,000 total BTUs
  • It has a large cooking surface.
  • There are four stainless steel burners on this grill.
  • This grill is simple to put together.
  • It is simple to wash.

05. MASTER COOK Classic Liquid Propane Gas Grill

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The Master Cook Classic Propane Gas Barbecue is an excellent choice if you’re on a budget but still want a high-quality grill.

This gas barbecue provides a larger cooking surface than any comparable 3-burner grill. Steel is used to make the firebox and lid of this gas grill, and the components are covered with porcelain to withstand.

This gas grill can generate 30,000 BTUs of heat throughout the food. Two retractable side tables make storage and transportation a snap.

In addition, there is a control panel located in the front that gives you the ability to maneuver around. The burners of this kitchen appliance can quickly turn on thanks to the model’s built-in piezoelectric technology.

It boasts a built-in stainless steel thermometer for precisely controlling the cooking temperature. Fixed legs and 6-inch wheels make the Smart Space Gas Grill easy to move.

Key features

  • This gas grill has a wheel system for easy transportation.
  • It is constructed using high-quality materials.
  • This gas barbecue is simple to put together. 
  • Movements can control from the front panel. 
  • A thermometer is already built-in to it.


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With a 352-square-foot cooking area, this Camplux gas grill will be well worth your money. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or just lounging on your patio or deck, this is the perfect size for you.

It comprises a thick power coated material that holds heat well, allowing it to transfer heat evenly throughout your cooking. This grill is both visually appealing and functionally easy.

Moreover, this grill has a non-stick griddle pan, so you can cook steaks without fear of them catching on fire. The unit uses an “H” stainless steel burner to ensure an equal and quick-cooking temperature.

Due to the detachable grease cup, cleaning this gas grill is easy. This grill plate’s griddle is 3 mm hot-rolled steel, making it resistant to deformation when heated to high temperatures.

Key Features

  • It’s built of thick cold-rolled steel.
  • The griddle top of this grill is non-stick.
  • It is simple to clean.
  • This grill is both small and light.
  • The cooking space on this grill is quite large.

07. Happygrill Portable Gas Grill

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This Happygrill portable gas grill will be best for your next family get-together due to its huge cooking space. This grill’s superior stainless steel construction ensures extended service life and excellent quality.

Again, the stainless steel construction makes it resistant to distortion and high temperatures. This two-burner portable gas barbecue has a total of 20,000 BTUs available.

A fire with a BTU output of 20,000 will quickly warm the grill when used on both burners. The three-sided air inlets on this gas grill are its most notable feature, as they improve its efficiency.

Furthermore, you can adjust the grill’s heat with the thermometer and knobs for rotating the burners included in this portable gas grill. The assembly of this gas grill is a comfort because it does not need any special tools.

This compact grill features a top that locks into place, legs that fold up, and an ergonomic carrying handle. This grill includes an incorporated safety shutoff valve to avoid unwanted gasoline discharge.

Key features

  • It’s simple to put together.
  • This grill has two heat controls and a rotation button. 
  • This gas grill is constructed to an extremely high quality.
  • It is convenient to utilize
  • It is easy to carry along.

08. Duke Grills Omaha Go Anywhere Portable Gas Grill

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The Duke Grills Omaha portable gas barbecue is the best choice to pick when going camping. This little barbecue folds down into a compact size, ideal for any occasion or setting.

When it comes to cooking capacity, it can hold four hot dogs and six burgers simultaneously. Also, it can provide you with a burner that has a capacity of 1100 BTU to use.

This grill has space for cylinders with either 14.4 or 16.4 ounces, so feel free to use either one. Since the legs fold up and can use as handles.

This is an excellent choice for a gas grill that can use on a boat, as a hibachi grill, while camping, as an indoor/outdoor gas grill, as well as for an RV gas grill. Besides that, cleaning this gas grill is simple.

Key features

  • This is portable and light in weight.
  • A lifelong warranty backs it.
  • This grill is simple to maintain
  • This is a straightforward device to use
  • It has a built-in thermostat.

09. Royal Gourmet PD1203A 2 Burner Portable Griddle

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The Royal Gourmet 2 burner portable gas grill is the best way to cook at home like an expert. It comes in a trendy black hue and has a high-quality performance.

This portable gas grill’s porcelain-enameled pre-seasoned cooking surface keeps your food from sticking to it. 

The 232-square-inch cooking area can fit two eggs, four hamburger patties, two steaks, seven asparagus spears, and two bacon strips, sufficient for more than two people.

This grill has two stainless steel burners, each of which produces 16,000 BTUs of heat. Additionally, you can adjust the temperature to your liking as this grill has two separately controlled temperature zones.

However, this Royal Gourmet gas grill includes an oil cup that collects grease leftover from cooking, making cleanup far easier. This gas grill is simple to start with its stainless steel control panel and piezo ignition technology.

Key features

  • This grill generates a lot of heat.
  • It has a start-up ignition system installed.
  • It is lightweight and portable. 
  • It’s simple to clean.
  • It’s simple to put together.

10. Royal Gourmet PD1301RC Portable Tabletop gas grill

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The Royal gourmet portable gas grill is a bigger grill that costs around $200. This gas grill’s strong alloy steel construction makes it excellent for outdoor cooking, including tailgating and camping trips.

This portable gas grill has a total cooking surface area of 316 square feet, which is more than enough for a family get-together.

This grill has three individual control burners with a total cooking capability of 26400 BTUs for consistent and quick heating. This gas grill has a porcelain-enameled top, so your food will not adhere to it when cooking.

In addition, the porcelain-enameled top of this gas grill ensures that your food retains a lot of heat. There is a detachable, slide-out grease cup to catch oil residue while cooking, making cleanup simple.

Again, this gas grill’s griddle top is also removable for easy cleaning. This gas grill set includes a regulator, making assembly concise.

Key features

  • This gas grill has temperature regulation. 
  • It can distribute heat equally. It is simple to clean.
  • It’s simple to maintain and put together.
  • This gas grill is lightweight and easy to carry

Buying Guide

It’s time to decide what features to seek when getting a gas grill after exploring all of the best gas grills under 200.

Different grills have different variations, which has a significant impact on the financial decisions of potential buyers.

Knowing the specifications of a grill before you buy one is essential, and that’s why we’ve put together this buyer’s guide.


The build material is one of the most crucial considerations before choosing a gas grill. The material used to construct a product impacts its long-term usability and overall quality.

If you’re looking for long-term durability and performance, stainless steel grills with welded seams are your best bet.


Though the size of a gas grill is a personal preference, it is ideal to choose one that is medium in size and can fit meals for any gathering.

On the other hand, the large size grill has the potential to be more effective for both small and large gatherings, but it is also more expensive, takes longer to heat up, and requires a lot of fuel.


You can measure heat in either British Thermal Units (BTU) of heat flux on a gas grill. BTU stands for British Thermal Units, while heat flux refers to the heat transfer rate.

BTUs are the units used to calculate how much heat a burner produces and, as a result, how much gas is used. A larger BTU does not mean that the grill can create more heat or that it can cook your food more quickly.

So, don’t choose a gas grill on BTU alone. Consider your grill’s size and form. Smaller grills provide more heat with less BTU.

On the other hand, the heat flux indicates the heat generated and is commonly measured in units of 85. BTU splits the cooking surface without a warming rack to obtain this outcome.


Propane should only use in well-ventilated areas to prevent sparks and flames from propane clinging to the ground. If you reside in a dry place, this is particularly important to keep in mind.

Gas tanks

Propane gas grills necessitate having a full gas tank on hand and many trips to the store. You should look for propane grills that come with a gauge, as this will help you in advance of when the gas tank will need to be replaced.


One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing something is the warranty. Because we will be using the gas grill for a long time, it is best to opt for a gas grill that comes with a guarantee.

Look for a gas grill with a lengthy warranty to provide good value for your money.


Q: Can you use propane for a gas grill?

Ans: Propane is the type of fuel that can use in gas grills. Grills that run on natural gas can be hooked up to the household gas supply.

The more prevalent barbecue is a propane grill fueled by liquid propane tanks.

Q: Do you need charcoal for a gas grill?

Ans: The vast majority of gas grills do not require the addition of charcoal. They are not built to withstand the heat produced by burning charcoal instead of the heat produced by burners.

This is a critical distinction, and getting it right might keep your barbecue in working order.

Q: How can I make my gas grill last longer?

Ans: To ensure that your gas grill remains in good condition for longer, follow these steps: 

  • Maintain a consistent cleaning routine for your gas barbecue.
  • Ensure it’s protected with a cover when your gas grill isn’t in use.
  • Check for gas leaks at regular intervals to ensure there are none. At least once every month, while the propane is on, you should run some soapy water through the gas line and over the connectors.

Q: How do I make my gas grill taste like charcoal?

Ans: The easiest approach to give the flavor of charcoal to food cooked on a gas grill is to use wood chips. Utilizing wood chips as a substitute for charcoal on a gas barbecue is often considered the most effective method.

They are available in a wide variety of smells, every one of which will be suitable for some delectable grilled enjoyment.

Q: How much gas does a gas grill use?

Ans: While a full tank weighs around 37 pounds, you can estimate how much propane is left in your tank by weighing it on a household scale and deducting 17 pounds.

Cooking medium to high on a 500-square-inch grill will require around 1 1/2 pounds of propane per hour.

Final Verdict

It’s easy to grill food for a family gathering or any other event, but finding the best grill that provides good cooking results is a bit more challenging.

To help you out, I have produced a list of the 10-best gas grill under 200. This will assist you in better grasping your alternatives and selecting the ideal one for your requirements.

By reading this article, you’ll also be able to select the best choice for your budget and have the most enjoyable time grilling.

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