Best Commercial Crepe Maker Review [Picks 2022]

We are always fond of making and tasting different kinds of food. That is why we need different types of cookware and cooking devices to bring variety to our cooking.

Moreover, we face many problems while making breakfast in the morning because preparing foods with perfect taste takes time. Again it becomes difficult to cook any heavy item when we are in a hurry.

In this situation, you just need a very stable and time-saving cooking device to complete your cooking on time. In this regard, the best commercial crepe maker can help you to make ready your food or crepe items quickly and easily with the perfect taste.

Review of best commercial crepe maker:

A crepe maker is a cooking device that can make crepe items such as pancakes, omelets, dosa, burgers, tortillas, flatbread, etc. within a short time.

This device can make your cooking more manageable. You can simply prepare different kinds of crepes with a commercial crepe maker.

There are different kinds and different demands of crepe makers in the market. So it becomes difficult to choose the best commercial crepe maker among many items.

Here we came to suggest to you the 10- best crepe makers in the market that will suit your budget and need very well.

These crepe makers are top-rated by the customers as well. Hopefully, these reviews will help you to choose the best crepe maker for your kitchenSo let’s get started-

1. Waring Commercial WSC160 Heavy-Duty Commercial Electric Crepe Maker

Waring Commercial WSC160

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A crepe maker is one of the best cooking devices that prepare crepe items easily. WARING has brought one of the top-rated commercial crepe makers available in the market.

Waring WSC160 electric crepe maker comes with a 16 inch extra-large round shape. Its stainless steel base is featured with a beautiful design and extra durability. Besides, it provides a heavy-duty cooking surface of cast iron.

This crepe maker also has to carry handles with a heat-resistant facility too. Moreover, when this electric crepe maker is properly seasoned, the cast-iron’s cooking surface becomes nonstick entirely.

Also, this crepe maker can adjust the thermostat up to 570 degrees F. So it will help you cook different types of batter easily and quickly.

This crepe maker includes a batter spreader and spatula of stainless steel, which is NSF approved. It also has a power-on button and indicator lights to alert you if the surface has reached the set temperature.

Moreover, the cooking surface features even heat distribution and retention. Again its spreader and spatula are dishwasher safe, and the cleaning process is easy also.

Overall, Waring’s commercial WSC160 electric crepe maker is very efficient to make your cooking easy and pleasing yet.

Crepe Maker Pros & Cons

  • 16-inch large, durable cooking surface
  • Temperature is adjustable up to 570 degrees F
  • Ready indicator lights to get alert
  • Heat-resistant handles
  • Dishwasher safe batter spreader and spatula


  • Coldwater in warm conditions can damage the surface.

2. HUIDANGJIA 16″ Electric Crepe Machine Commercial Crepe Maker

HUIDANGJIA 16" Electric

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If you are looking for a professional crepe maker, then HUIDANGJIA’s 16″ is the best option for you. This commercial crepe maker is an effortless and high-efficiency crepe maker that will make your cooking pleasing.

HUIDANGJIA’s electric crepe maker comes with a durable 16 inch 40 cm large cast-iron surface. This electric crepe maker provides stable performance, energy- efficiency, extra durability, and nonstick performance yet.

Besides, this commercial crepe pan offers a temperature control facility too. This cooking device includes light-up indicators and a necessarily integrated knob to change temperature when needed.

The knob will allow you to set the necessary temperature (50-300℃) for the proper outcome. Again the 3KW high efficient nonstick iron hot plate gives a stable, safe, and practical performance.

Its cast-iron nonstick electrical heating panel is especially perfect for eggs, pancakes, dosa, blintzes, omelets, tortillas, burgers, and flatbreads.

Therefore, this crepe maker is best for cafes, snack bars, or restaurant use. Besides, it is great for family functions, home parties, sporting events, school fetes, and market stalls.

However, the nonstick surface of aluminum provides easy and quick removal of cooked crepes every time. Again, scrubbing does not do any harm to its more efficient cast-iron surface.

That is why it becomes one of the best commercial crepe makers in the market. Afterward, its nonstick surface is also easy to clean yet.

Crepe Maker Pros & Cons

  • Durable 16 inch 40 cm cast iron plate
  • Ready indicator lights to control the temperature
  • Temperature is adjustable up to 300℃
  • 3KW high power
  • Easy to wash


  • This crepe maker has no carrying handles.

3. Waring Commercial WSC160X Heavy-Duty Electric Crepe Maker

Waring Commercial WSC160X

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This one is another professional crepe maker from Waring. This Waring’s WSC160X commercial crepe maker comes with all the necessary facilities and extra durability as well. It can cooks all types of batters evenly and quickly yet.

Waring’s WSC160X crepe maker comes with an extra stable 16-inch large cast-iron surface. Its heavy-duty cast iron cooking surface gives extra durability with pleasant cooking.

Also, this cooking surface becomes completely nonstick after having seasonedAgain this crepe maker provides an adjustable temperature up to 570 degrees F. It features aluminum under the cooking surface to provide better even cooking.

Moreover, this crepe maker has an NSF-approved batter spreader and spatula of stainless steel. This cooking device includes carrying handles also.

Therefore, this crepe maker is the best one to cook different kinds of batters evenly and quickly.

However, its nonstick surface also provides easy and quick removal of the crepe items every time. Its using process is easy and safe also.

In fact, this crepe maker is the great one, which makes cooking pleasing and comfortable indeed.

Crepe Maker Pros & Cons

  • Stainless steel batter spreader and spatula
  • Heat resistance handles
  • 16-inch large cast-iron surface
  • Ready indicators lights
  • Adjust the temperature up to 570 degrees F


  • The plate and the base are not detachable

4. Cuisinart CPP-200 International Chef Crepe

Cuisinart CPP-200

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Cuisinart CPP-200 is another kind of crepe maker. It comes with 8 1/3 inch diameter nonstick plates that include a top cover of brushed stainless steel with upright storage and a locking lid.

Again, this chef crepe maker provides a temperature control facility while cooking and has an adjustable cooking timer. Besides this, the crepe maker includes tongs, a measuring spoon, and a mini-sized ice cream cone roller.

Making crepes, tortillas, pancakes, blintzes, and pizzelle will be more comfortable with this fantastic crepe maker. To meet all tastes, the crepe maker also provides five-settings control.

Moreover, this crepe maker is reversible, and its plates are dishwasher safe. Besides, you don’t need a crepe spreader for this crepe maker. After closing the top, it flattens the crepe to the perfect size automatically.

Overall, this crepe maker works like a professional chef yet. In fact, this crepe maker can be your ultimate cooking device for the best breakfast items.

Crepe Maker Pros & Cons

  • Stainless steel brushed top cover
  • Ready indicator lights
  • Includes tongs, mini ice cream roller, and measuring spoon
  • Reversible crepe maker
  • Dishwasher safe nonstick plates


  • Takes a while to heat up

5. RibasuBB 16-Inch Commercial Electric Crepe Maker

RibasuBB 16-Inch

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Here comes another fantastic crepe maker with the best and stable performance. RibasuBB’s commercial crepe maker is one of the tremendous crepe makers available in the market.

It is 100% brand new and comes with a high-quality version. It helps you to make your crepe items like a professional chef.

This lightweight crepe maker comes with an attractive appearance of extra-large 16 inches (400 mm) diameter.

It provides high performance, small volume, novel structure, convenient operations, quick, and even heat-up facility. Besides, a drawer-type warmer is also attached at the bottom of the crepe maker.

Moreover, it offers an adjustable temperature of up to 50-300 degrees C (122-572 degrees F). Its adjustable temperature will help you cook delicious crepes for your family, guests, and friends perfectly.

Its stainless steel complete shell is durable and will not damage easily. Besides this, its electrical heating panel of cast copper is energy efficient.

And so this electric crepe maker is best for cafes, snack bars, restaurants, and private usage also.

Again it is suitable for family parties, home reunions, and clubs yet. Afterward, this cooking device is like an all one tool. This electrical crepe maker will fulfill all your desired needs of making crepes items.

Crepe Maker Pros & Cons

  • Extra-large heating panel
  • Energy efficient
  • Adjustable temperature up to 300℃
  • Complete stainless steel shell
  • Easy cleaning


  • Corrosive detergent can damage the cooking surface.

6. Waring Commercial WSC165BX Crepe Maker

Waring Commercial

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WSC165BX commercial crepe maker is another professional crepe maker from Waring. This electric crepe maker features a solid heavy-duty cast iron cooking surface, which becomes utterly nonstick after seasoning.

The extra-large 16-inch cooking surface is extremely durable, and it is designed to fulfill all your needs of making crepes items.

The WSC165BX crepe maker also includes the power-on button and has ready indicator lights, which will alert you if the surface has reached the set temperature. It also provides an adjustable temperature of up to 570 degrees F.

Again, an NSF-approved stainless steel batter spreader and spatula have also been included with this crepe maker. Besides, this crepe maker also has heat-resistant carrying handles for easy transfer.

Moreover, waring’s crepe items are dishwasher safe and easy to clean yet. So, you can make your crepe item very easily with this crepe maker, and cooking with this crepe maker will feel very pleasing to you.

Crepe Maker Pros & Cons

  • 16-inch large cast-iron surface
  • NSF approved batter spreader and spatula
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Ready indicator lights
  • Temperature adjustable up to 570 degrees F


  • A little scrubbing can damage the surface

7. ALDKitchen Electric Crepe Machine Griddle

ALDKitchen Electric

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ALDKitchen’s electric crepe maker is the best solution for those who want many crepe items within a very short time. This cooking device offers a double electric crepe plate in one crepe maker.

This crepe maker is made of high-quality stainless steel materials. These high-quality materials enable you to use them at high loads. It provides a rust-resistant and tarnishes resistant facility.

Also, it includes adjustable four stainless steel feet with caps of plastic. Moreover, this crepe maker can give you delicious crepe items like a professional chef. It is suitable for blintzes, dosas, bacon to crepes, and pancakes.

You can also try out many other delicious crepe items from the amazing cookbook, which is also included with this crepe maker pack. Overall, this crepe maker is the best solution for restaurants, cafes, snack bars yet.

Crepe Maker Pros & Cons

  • Double crepe plate
  • Heat thermostat knobs to adjust the temperature
  • Teflon coated surface
  • Easy to use
  • Heat indicator light


  • Need to use with a voltage converter

8. HYDDNice Commercial Electric Crepe Maker Machine

HYDDNice Commercial

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This one is another best commercial crepe maker from HYDDNice. This high-quality and newly designed crepe maker offers pleasant cooking and stable performance for years.

This crepe maker comes with 8.7-inch durable crepe plates. The heating crepe plates are made of aluminum, and the surface is coated with Teflon.

This device also provides heat dissipation holes in the side of the crepe maker to ensure high heat dissipation. This crepe maker is featured with high-quality stainless steel for extra longevity and durability.

Moreover, this crepe maker also includes time and independent temperature control knobs. With this crepe maker, controlling the temperature of baking is very easy.

Its temperature range is up to 122- 572 degrees F (50-300 degrees C), and the time range is about 0 to 5 minutes. Again the power requirement for this crepe maker is 1750W.

However, this crepe maker could be an excellent assistant to your kitchen. It is also suitable for restaurants yet. Besides, its cleaning process is easy as well. So baking will be more enjoyable with this crepe maker.

Crepe Maker Pros & Cons

  • Durable crepe plates
  • Teflon coated nonstick surface
  • Temperature range up to 572 degrees F
  • Features heat dissipation hole
  • Easy to clean


  • Crepe plate’s size is relatively small

9. Meiney Commercial Crepe Maker Electric Crepe

Meiney Commercial

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If you are looking for the best crepe maker at an affordable price, then Meiney’s commercial crepe maker can be the best solution for you. Its unique design and high-quality performance will give you the best cooking experience ever.

This crepe machine is designed to restrain excess slurry. It provides an adjustable temperature of up to 50-300 degrees C. It includes a temperature control knob and timer to control the temperature and time.

Besides, you can rapidly raise the temperature, which will offer you pleasant cooking within a very short time. This electric crepe maker is suitable for home, cafes, restaurants, and commercial use also.

You can easily prepare delicious crepe items for your family, guests, and friends with this electric crepe machine.

Besides, its slag tray of stainless steel can keep the countertop hygienic and clean. Its baking time for one tray is around 1-5 minutes.

Moreover, its nonstick surface is durable and gives a long time of service yet. Besides, this crepe maker is easy to clean also.

Therefore, preparing crepe items will be more enjoyable and time-efficient with this excellent crepe maker.

Crepe Maker Pros & Cons

  • Time controlling timer
  • Temperature control knob
  • Adjustable temperature up to 300 degrees C
  • Heat evenly distributes over the pot
  • Easy to use


  • Don’t have any spatula and spreader

10. Electric Griddle Crepe Maker Cooktop-NutriChef PCRM12

Electric Griddle Crepe Maker


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With this NutriChef 12-ich electric crepe machine, you can produce the perfect crepe every time. The nonstick aluminum construction of this crepe maker enables it to cook pancakes, bacon, and eggs in addition to crepes.

As a benefit, the crepe maker has a tiny lip that keeps the batter from spilling over the edge. Additionally, this crepe maker has a temperature control feature that ensures the meal is cooked at a proper temperature.

The LED indication on this crepe maker lets you adjust the desired temperature while you’re cooking. Due to its compact and adaptable feature, the cabinet space it takes up isn’t wasted.

With a 2.5-foot cord, it’s versatile enough to be utilized on any counter or table surface. Also, this crepe maker’s griddle pan comes with a wooden spatula and a batter spreader, making it simple to use.

Crepe Maker Pros & Cons

  • Equipped with an adjustable temperature control
  • It comes with a wooden spatula
  • Ease to cleaning
  • It comes with LED indicator
  • Budget-friendly


  • It takes a lot of time to heat up.

Buying Guide

As we all want our breakfast to be delicious, it is necessary to be aware of the crepe maker that makes our food perfect. Suppose you want to buy the best commercial crepe maker.

In that case, you must know its features, working capability, materials, etc. Knowing some essential features and information will help you make the right decision on the best crepe maker yet.


A crepe maker is usually used to make pancakes, grilled sandwiches, eggs, and other food items suitable for this product. You can use it to make such foods that require a frying pan. Very easily, you can prepare your breakfast or snacks in a short time with it.

Usually, the crepe of 15 to 16 inches in diameter is the standard size for many commercial units, and the size range for home use varies from around 7.5 inches to 16 inches.

Besides, if you plan to have many large crepes or have enough space in your kitchen, you can choose a machine with 16 inches cooking surface.

Whereas, if you want to buy for a small family or only for you, you can choose a small crepe. You can choose the medium size also. It actually depends on your need.


Cast iron, stainless steel, or Teflon are those materials which are generally used for making a crepe maker. Cast iron has a heavyweight, and it is extremely durable.

That’s why it is the traditional option. For easier handling, stainless steel and Teflon are lightweight. All of these materials are available in the market.


There are two types of crepe maker-

  1. Gas crepe
  2. Electric crepe

Gas crepe can increase your productivity, and it heats up much faster. On the other hand, electric crepe can give you a portable facility, and it is more energy-efficient. Both types of crepe makers are strong and durable. They do not go downhill quickly.


Maintenance and care for the cooking instruments are essential as it related to our food and health. To ensure our safety, we should buy those types of kitchen instruments that would not be harmful to our lives and health.

So, it is necessary to wash your crepe maker after every use. Therefore, a crepe maker should be designed in a way that can be wash easily yet.

A crepe maker is one kind of food-making instrument that makes our life easy and convenient. It can make your preferred food so swiftly. Some crepe maker has soft and robust handles to transfer and cook food easily.

Also, for handling the crepes, it includes a wooden batter spreader and spatula. So, before buying the best crepe maker, you should be conscious of its material, durability, surface, size, maintenance, etc.

Commercial Crepe Maker Product Feature:


Q: How do you season a crepe maker?

Answer: To season your crepe, you should follow these steps, first set the heat to 250 degrees Celsius or 450 Fahrenheit, then apply cooking oil on the grill and then let oil burn for 5 to 10 minutes.

Until then, the grill should turn black, then take a sponge and scrub the oil. And this will do the trick; your crepe maker will be seasoned.

Q: What is the best size for a crepe maker?

Answer: Making a perfect crepe at home is the dream of home cooks, And for that, the size of the crepe maker matters. If the size is small, you will face difficulty spreading the batter, so it’s best to buy a big-size crepe maker.

There are many different sized crepe makers; the size can be 8 to 16 in diameter. But for home cooking, we suggest buying a 10-16 diameter crepe maker.

Q: What can you make on a crepe maker?

Answer: The crepe maker has a grill on top of it. It’s usually used to make a crepe, but it can grill many other items, such as chicken, beef, etc.

You can saute your vegetable; also, you can make fish fries in the crepe maker. Also, you can make pancakes and many more items on the crepe maker.

Q: How do you clean a crepe maker?

Answer: It’s necessary to clean a crepe maker after it is used. Cleaning crepe makers will increase their lifetime. You should follow these steps to clean your crepe maker. First, take soap and mix with water, then take a cloth and dip it in the water.

Then gently clean the outer side of the crepe maker. Then take a nylon scrubber and scrub the grill. After that, clean the grill with a cloth. This cleaning will make your crepe maker new.

Q: How do you flip a crepe on a crepe maker?

Answer: flipping a crepe is the most challenging job. To flip a crepe perfectly, you will have to make sure the crepe crust is ready to flip or not.

If the crepe’s outer part is well cooked, then take a spatula and slide the spatula under the crepe slowly.

Then you have to flip the crepe fastly. Otherwise, the crepe will fall. The trick behind a perfect crepe is to flip the crepe perfectly, and you have to be fast to flip the crepe.


It is better to know the information about any product before buying it. Because a wrong selection can lead you to suffer while using it, we have included all the essential information, including positive and negative, in the reviews. This article will help you to choose your desirable crepe maker.

Moreover, these 10- best commercial crepe makers are very high rated and demandable also. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about these product qualities and performance.

So, you can give a try to any of these 10- commercial crepe makers undoubtedly.

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